Big Brother rumors: A season with only former Survivor players

Jeff Probst Survivor 42
Survivor host Jeff Probst is bringing a new season of his show to CBS. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

There are some Big Brother rumors that showed up on social media, linking the franchise to Survivor, another one of the hit reality competition shows on CBS.

The rumor stems from CBS possibly looking into trying something other than a season of Celebrity Big Brother next winter. This would also be intended to bring additional eyes to the show.

Now, we need to be clear upfront in that these rumors have not been confirmed in any way by CBS or by the producers at Big Brother or Survivor. At the same time, it does seem like an interesting idea.

Could a group of former Survivor castaways survive locked inside the Big Brother house for a month? It would certainly be a big change from being in the outdoors and always having the ability to walk down a beach for some alone time.

How would a season of Big Brother with Survivor castaways work?

For Survivor fans who are unfamiliar with how Big Brother works, a group of cast members (called houseguests) is locked inside a house that has been built in one of the studios. The houseguests then try to win challenges, survive eviction votes, and become one of the final two people left in the game. A Big Brother jury then votes on who wins the show.

There are a lot of similarities between Big Brother and Survivor, with the main difference being that one is indoors and one is outdoors. A lot of the same skills apply, where competitors must outlast everyone else and form key alliances that get them deeper into the game. Food comes much easier on Big Brother, though, where everything is provided.

Since a Survivor-themed season of Big Brother would need to be entertaining, the producers could invite back villains and fan-favorites to compete against each other for a winter season of roughly 30 days. For Survivor fans, it could be a way to see their favorite contestants in a new environment, and for Big Brother fans, it would be a group of entirely new people playing the game.

Survivor Theme SpoilerGirl
Rumors of a Survivor-themed season of Big Brother. Pic credit: @SpoilerGirl1/Twitter

Possible roadblocks to Survivor being played in the Big Brother house

There is a new reality competition show coming out soon that is going to resemble The Challenge from MTV, with the difference being that it is rumored to tap into all of the reality competition shows already on CBS. It means that Big Brother and Survivor people will likely cross paths, even though it won’t involve locking them into a house together.

It’s also not easy to find a time in the busy CBS schedule to air themed seasons of Big Brother. The Celebrity Big Brother 3 season that just aired was designed to compete against the Winter Olympics and it became possible because CBS was benching most of its primetime lineup for most of February 2022.

And Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves believes Celebrity Big Brother 4 will be shelved for a while, so we might not see another themed season of the show for a while.

As we ponder what the future could hold, don’t forget that Survivor 42 begins this month and a new group of castaways is ready to debut.

These Big Brother rumors about a Survivor-themed season definitely seem fun, but we wouldn’t classify the premise as anything other than conjecture at this point. But don’t worry, Big Brother 24 is coming this summer.

Survivor 42 debuts March 9 and Big Brother 24 airs in Summer 2022 on CBS.

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