Survivor 41 twists: Is Shot in the Dark a complete bust?

Ua Tribe Final Three Survivor 41
The Ua Tribe did quite poorly on Survivor 41. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 41 twists have been plentiful, with one of them being the Shot in the Dark chance which is available at each Tribal Council.

The Shot in the Dark was meant to be a way for players to possibly save their games, but it also comes at a cost that nobody has been willing to pay yet.

If someone goes to Tribal Council and feels that they are in danger, they can roll a die that they have been provided with. Each castaway has a die and it comes with a one-in-six chance of finding safety.

Rolling the correct number leads to immediately getting Immunity. But the other five numbers lead to the castaway losing their vote for the evening.

Genie Chen should have used her Shot in the Dark

In Episode 5 of Survivor 41, the Ua Tribe got sent to Tribal Council for the fourth time this season. Genie Chen was on the outside looking in, but she declined to use her Shot in the Dark. She was then voted out by Shan Smith and Ricard Foye, bringing her time in the game to an end.

Genie could have saved herself if she had used the Shot in the Dark and earned Immunity for the night. That could have led to a really interesting Tribal Council vote, with the most likely scenario being that Ricard would have been voted out of the game.

Is the Shot in the Dark twist a complete bust for Survivor 41?

Through the first six Tribal Council votes on Survivor 41, nobody has used the Shot in the Dark chance. The twist hasn’t had any impact on the game yet, but maybe it will come up in a future episode. So far, though, it looks like a twist that has been a bust.

The Shot in the Dark seemed like something that could add to the excitement at Tribal Council, possibly giving one of the first six people who got voted off of Survivor a real chance to stay in the game. Hopefully, someone uses it at least once, so that Survivor fans can see how it would play out in practice.

And speaking of twists this season, it appears that Survivor 41 has a merge twist taking place on Episode 6. Will it be something that Survivor fans enjoy seeing? Because there have been a lot of complaints through the first five weeks about too much happening during each episode.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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