Survivor 41: New episode promo shows Idol back in play

The Survivor 41 Final Six
The final six Survivor 41 cast members compete in new challenges. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 41 airs its penultimate episode on Wednesday night and the TV promo showcases a lot of paranoia flowing at camp.

It was on the last episode of the show where the Do or Die twist was revealed and DeShawn barely survived to see another day in the game.

With DeShawn safe due to the twist and Danny holding the Individual Immunity Idol, Liana Wallace got voted out at Tribal Council.

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Now, Survivor fans are going to find out what happened when it got down to just six people on the latest season filmed in Fiji.

Survivor 41, Episode 12 promo

Below is the TV promo that is currently running for Survivor Season 41, Episode 12. The new episode will air for the first time on Wednesday, December 8, and it is called Truth Kamikaze.

Within this new promo, we see that a Hidden Immunity Idol is close to being found, and then Ricard speaks as though someone now has it in their possession. If someone other than Xander finds it (he still has his own Idol), it could shift the balance of power in the game. Again.

Survivor Season 41: Next Time on Survivor Preview (Ep.12)

Just six people left competing on Survivor 41 cast

Xander Hastings, Ricard Foye, Heather Aldret, Erika Casupanan, Danny McCray, or DeShawn Radden will soon be crowned the Survivor 41 winner and the latest recipient of the $1 million prize. After the December 8 episode, all we have left on the TV schedule is the big Survivor season finale.

It’s interesting to note the absence of Heather in the promo shared above, which seems odd this deep into a season of the hit reality competition show. It also suggests that she isn’t going to be the person who wins the upcoming Individual Immunity Challenge and forces everyone else to re-think their plans.

According to the episode synopsis from CBS, “Castaways need to alter their plans after the winner of the Immunity Challenge throws a wrench in their next big move.”

Who is about to get voted off of Survivor and leave just the final five castaways left? We will all need to tune in on December 8 to find out. Then, on December 15, the three-hour season finale will air and we will all learn who was voted as the Survivor 41 winner.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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