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Stephanie Matto defends herself after Before the 90 Days fans side with Erika Owens

Stephanie Matto from 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days
Stephanie is speaking out after a recent episode made her look bad. Pic credit: TLC

The last episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days made Stephanie Matto look pretty terrible after she freaked out about a dating app on Erika Owens’ phone.

Stephanie took Erika out to dinner and even gifted her a gorgeous headpiece to wear out on their date but once there, she grilled her Australian girlfriend about a dating app on her phone.

Even though Erika explained that she uses the app for business and not pleasure, Stephanie still demanded she delete it and the two haven’t been seeing eye to eye pretty much ever since.

Are Stephanie and Erika even compatible?

It seems that Stephanie and Erika got along better when separated by thousands of miles. Their relationship was flirty and fun when video chatting but now that they are face to face, Erika has been trying to get closer to Stephanie while the popular YouTuber has been pushing Erika away.

That was very apparent when Erika took Stephanie on her date, which was supposed to be a flirty, fun day of making breast molds of each other.

Much to Erika’s surprise, Stephanie wasn’t into it at all and despite making a living as a YouTuber and even admitting that she sells nude photos, Stephanie came off as quite a prude.

Then, when the ladies tried to put that all past them and enjoy a romantic dinner. Stephanie couldn’t stand to just enjoy the time, though. Instead, she brought up the dating app that she spotted on Erika’s phone. That led to another argument as Stephanie broke down in tears.

On the other hand, Erika seems to be completely shocked by Stephanie’s behavior and all of it has been completely off-putting and is causing her to clam up at a time when she should be thoroughly enjoying herself.

90 Day Fiance fans side with Erika

Before the 90 Days viewers have been pretty vocal about Stephanie and Erika this season. Before anyone met them, many were exciting to finally have a same sex couple on the show. Now, many viewers are bored with the storyline and have sided with Erika as they just can’t believe how Stephanie has been acting.

Some aren’t even convinced that Stephanie is really bisexual and others think that these two staged their entire relationship in order to get on Before the 90 Days and gain exposure.

That’s not impossible since Stephanie makes her living online with YouTube and Only Fans. Erika is a photographer so any exposure is good for her too. Neither Stephanie or Erika has come out to their family yet, either.

Now Stephanie is trying to explain herself

On Saturday, Stephanie posted a picture of herself in the hospital with an IV in her arm. The lengthy caption detailed her issues with intimacy and how it takes a long time to open up and trust someone new. She went into great detail about her past and how much she’s been through.

Unfortunately you will never fully know my past,” Stephanie wrote, in part. “You will never fully understand what it was like to go through everything that I went through and have your youth and self esteem ripped away from you. How scary and sad it is to want to love someone but be too afraid that maybe you are too damaged, too f**ked up, too much for them to handle.”
She went on to talk about being celibate and how much that means to her, something that Erika clearly should have known about.
Stephanie ended her long explanation by saying, “I dont care if people like me, I just want people to try to understand me. Unfortunately that’ll likely never happen but still I write this. You can take it or leave it.”

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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  1. WTF Steph really ? Everyone is seeing through your pretend emotional breakdown. I wonder you is going to even be interested in your fake persona now. I feel worse for Erika than anyone.


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