Stephanie Hollman says RHOD is ‘much lighter’ without LeeAnne Locken

Stephanie Hollman and LeeAnne Locken film for RHOD.
Stephanie Hollman and LeeAnne Locken film for RHOD. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Dallas star Stephanie Hollman reveals how Season 5 will be without controversial RHOD alum LeeAnne Locken.

Stephanie explains the show had a different atmosphere after LeeAnne left.

“This year, it was a lot lighter, so I will say it was a lighter season,” Stephanie tells Hollywood Life.

She also addresses the two women that joined this season in LeeAnne’s place, Tiffany Moon as a full-time cast member and Jennifer Davis Long as a friend.

“I think the two new girls are really great. They’re fantastic additions and I honestly really think that everyone is going to love this season,” Stephanie shares.

She acknowledges that LeeAnne’s behavior brought the show plenty of attention, but she thinks the show will still be successful now that LeeAnne is gone.

“I know people were a little nervous, us going in without her, but I think it’s going to be a really fantastic year,” Stephanie adds.

Stephanie also reveals whether she or any of the RHOD cast members stay in touch with LeeAnne.

“I have not heard from her in a while,” Stephanie admits. “I think Kameron maybe talks to her, but I have not really seen her but I don’t know if anyone’s really seeing much of anybody really, but I hope she’s doing well. I don’t wish her any ill will.”

LeeAnne has been accused of racism

During RHOD LeeAnne was accused of racially discriminating against cast member Kary Brittingham.

Throughout the season, LeeAnne consistently referred to Kary by her “Mexican” ethnicity.

When fellow cast member Kameron Westcott called her out on it, LeeAnne lashed out and explained it was because Kary wanted them to attend the “ping pong” sex show.

“That f**king c**t wants to prove how f**king tough she is because she’s from Mexico,” LeeAnne barked.

She then doubled down on the initial “chirpy Mexican” comments she had made.

“The little chirpy Mexican has to have her way and so she drug everyone there,” LeeAnne said in the rant.

During the Season 4 reunion, Andy Cohen and the rest of her castmates forced her to address the issue once again.

Even though she apologized, Kary and the rest of the women didn’t believe she was being genuine.

LeeAnne Locken leaves RHOD

LeeAnne issued an exit statement following the Season 4 reunion.

LeeAnne posted pictures from the show and thanked fans in her statement.

“From the bottom of my heart I want THANK YOU ALL for your kindness, your love & for making me laugh when I thought I couldn’t ❤️ YOU are what kept me going and YOU are who I will always be GRATEFUL for!” She wrote in the caption.

Even though she insists she left on her own accord, many believe it was because she was fired.


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