LeeAnne Locken thanks fans after revealing she’s leaving RHOD

LeeAnne is leaving RHOD, posts 'thank you to fans
LeeAnne Locken thanks fans after revealing her exit from RHOD. Pic credit: Bravo

There are definitely some big changes ahead for the Real Housewives of Dallas.

OG housewife LeeAnne Locken has revealed that she is leaving the series and sends a “thank you” message to her fans!

LeeAnne’s exit comes after an extremely rocky season and an explosive reunion. She was taken to task by both Andy Cohen and her castmates regarding racially charged remarks that she made throughout the season.

In a statement to People, the newly married, Locken says, “The last four years have been a trolley-slapping good time, but after much consideration, I have made the personal decision to step away from RHOD.

The 52-year old has been with the show since it premiered in 2016 and is one of the most memorable cast members.

However, Season 4 was riddled with drama and controversy for LeeAnne after she called castmate Kary Brittingham a “chirpy Mexican.”

After it came to light that she made other disparaging comments about Kary’s Mexican heritage, outraged fans took to Twitter, calling the housewife insensitive and racist.

There was even an online petition to have her removed from the show!

The Explosive Season 4 Reunion

During the season 4 reunion, LeeAnne was in the hot seat, with many cast members expressing their disappointment in her behavior.

Fellow housewife, Brandi Redmond, said: “I feel like it’s disgusting.” She added,  “I don’t want to be associated. I feel ashamed. And it’s not okay, LeeAnne. It’s not OK.”

Brandi Redmond admonished LeeAnne at the reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

Stephanie Hollman and D’Andra Simmons also had harsh words for Locken, who apologized, saying, “I know every bone in my body, and I know I don’t have a single bone that believes in discrimination. I believe in inclusion. I believe in acceptance.”

Nonetheless, the reunion ended with a tearful and seemingly defeated LeeAnne at odds with most of the cast.

LeeAnne reveals her exit from RHOD

After People revealed the news about LeeAnn’s exit, on February 26, the Bravo housewife confirmed it to her 764,000 followers on Instagram.

She posted a photo from her wedding to Rich Emberlin, which was featured last season, along with the caption, “From the bottom of my heart I want THANK YOU ALL for your kindness, your love & for making me laugh when I thought I couldn’t ❤️ YOU are what kept me going and YOU are who I will always be GRATEFUL for!”

The post was met with many fans sending best wishes to the RHOD housewife, exclaiming that the show won’t be the same without her.

Despite Locken’s claims that she is the one that chose to leave the show, former cast member Cary Deuber seems to think that LeeAnne was actually fired.

Carey spoke about the situation during an Instagram live video saying, “Yeah, LeeAnne’s off RHOD; fired like me.”

LeeAnne has not commented on Carey’s claims, but says she is  “looking forward to stepping away from the cameras and spending quality time with my husband and friends, traveling, but most importantly, getting back to philanthropy, which was my main reason for joining the show.”

Bravo has not revealed who will replace LeeAnne as the newest housewife.

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