Southern Charm: Why did Kathryn Dennis and Chleb Ravenell split?

Chleb and Kathryn when they were a couple.
Southern Charm helped split up Chleb Ravenell and Kathryn Dennis. Pic credit: @chleb_ravenell/Instagram

Southern Charm Season 8 will see the breakdown of Kathryn Dennis and Chleb Ravenell’s relationship. 

Viewers saw the two arguing during the second episode, but it continues throughout the season. 

Kathryn and Chleb split last fall, but they are rewatching everything again as it plays out on national television for all to see. 

Chleb Ravenell and Kathryn Dennis aren’t on speaking terms 

Despite spending a lot of time together and going through a lot, Chleb Ravenell and Kathryn Dennis are not on speaking terms following their split. 

He told UsWeekly, “It’s for the best, but I am sad because I’ve been through a lot with her. So I always wish her the best. I’m always gonna love her, just from a distance.”

Chleb was under the impression filming Southern Charm would bring them closer together but revealed that Kathryn warned him it would tear them apart. That’s exactly what happened too. 

As the season continues, viewers will see more of the breakdown of their relationship, including some of their fights and the reason behind their split. 

Rumors circulated that Chleb and Kathryn split because of things with her two children. He said that things hit the breaking point when he realized how she didn’t appreciate him. 

Talking about the split, he said, “She didn’t have the head space to really think about what the hell I was going through, and I can’t really fault her for that, but I mean … it just came to a point where we just had to just break it off.”

What are Chleb Ravenell and Kathryn Dennis up to now? 

Since splitting, Chleb Ravenell and Kathryn Dennis no longer have anything to do with one another. He confirmed they don’t speak at all, and it’s for the best. 

Kathryn appears to be moving on and trying to live her best life. She recently showed off in a pink and red cutout dress, revealing she “caught feelings.” 

Despite the breakup and where they stand today, Chleb revealed he wishes the best for her and the kids. 

Southern Charm typically has a reunion, which means the two will likely come face-to-face when Bravo schedules the slot for it to be filmed. How well that goes down remains to be seen, especially since after only two episodes, it’s clear they fought a lot. 

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo. 

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