Who is Marcie Hobbs on Southern Charm?

Marice Hobbs and Shep Rose hanging out.
Marcie Hobbs is Shep Rose’s cousin. Pic credit: @marcie.hobbs/Instagram

Southern Charm is back for a new season, with new cast members along for the ride.

The season premiere opened up with Kathryn Dennis’ birthday party and ended in disaster.

Marcie Hobbs was introduced during the second episode, and now Southern Charm viewers want to know more about her.

Who is Marcie Hobbs?

Marcie Hobbs is Shep Rose’s younger cousin. That’s right, she is kin to one of the OGs of Southern Charm. Marcie’s dad and Shep’s mom were brother and sister. Her dad passed away, but she remained close to the family.

Her Bravo bio reveals she has traveled and lived around the world but recently settled in Charleston. Marcie is the one who can ask Shep all of the tough questions that some of his friends are afraid to ask. Will she be able to pin him down when it comes to his intentions with his long-term girlfriend, Taylor? She and Shep were the last two grandchildren not married, and then she married, so he was the final one single, and it was time for her to rub off on him.

Even though she has family money, like Shep, Marcie is also a successful real estate agent.

She was expecting her first child with her husband, John while filming the entire season of Southern Charm. Marcie welcomed a baby girl named Edith (Edie) on December 2. Filming ended in December, so it’s possible that she missed some time filming near the end, but that’s okay because the reunion is when everything truly comes out.

What will Season 8 of Southern Charm bring for Marcie Hobbs?

Well, one thing viewers can expect to see is wealth from Marcie. During a conversation between Austen Kroll and Shep and their ladies, Olivia Flowers and Taylor, they brought up Shep’s cousin.

Austen said that Marcie makes Patricia look poor, referring to the Southern Charm queen, Patricia Altschul.

Marcie and John showed up at Naomie Olindo‘s party with Shep, and they were introduced to the rest of the crew, except Kathryn Dennis, who wasn’t invited. She will be pregnant for the duration of the season, so she will likely be the voice of reason, especially as the drama continues to amp up. This is her first season on the hit Bravo show, and adding it along with her first pregnancy could be interesting.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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