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Souper Cubes on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes these freezer trays special and where you can buy them

The creators of Souper Cubes, Michelle and Jake, on Shark Tank.
The creators of Souper Cubes, Michelle and Jake, on Shark Tank. Pic credit: ABC

On tonight’s episode of Shark Tank, the brand Souper Cubes pitched their freezer trays which are amazingly not meant for ice; they work for any kind of food or drink.

What makes Souper Cubes special?

The trays are made out of silicone that is safe to serve food in. The lids are Polypropylene Plastic; both the tray and the lids are BPA-free.

You are able to even to put the Souper Cubes in the oven (up to 415°).

The idea is that you can take your leftovers and easily reheat them!

The Souper Cubes can hold any kind of liquid; plus they can also be used to store pasta and even dessert.

The company’s newest release was their response to baking sheets: The Cookie Tray™, which can be used for many various baked treats.

Another advantage to the Souper Cube is that they optimize freezer organization. The product is especially helpful to families who often make large quantities of food and need space to keep them.

The owners often post photos of how clean their own freezer has become thanks to Souper Cubes on their Instagram.

But the Souper Cubes work for single people too! The tray could be used as a one-stop shop for meal planning.

Who are the minds behind Souper Cubes?

The product has a thick-as-thieves team behind it, with business husband-and-wife team Jake Sendowski and Michelle Strausman at the lead.

According to the Souper Cubes website, “Michelle is a seasoned educator turned accidental entrepreneur currently working on her Ph.D. in Higher Education. Jake is a product leader and veteran of the Silicon Valley tech world.  He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. Our friend and partner Sasan who has a background in manufacturing and import/export completes our Souper team.”

The Souper Cubes display. Pic credit: ABC

Whenever they made their family’s homemade chicken stock recipe, there would always be extra leftovers that were hard to store.

Not only do they sell their products on their website, but the couple also gives their own personal recipes away for free. At the end of each recipe, the last step is putting the leftovers in your Souper Cube.

Where to buy your own Souper Cubes products

Souper Cubes are available to buy on the Souper Cubes website,, and many other home goods online retailers.

The price for one Souper Cube tray is $19.95. Then, you have the option to purchase certain packs that provide bulk deals.

But if you buy from the company’s site: “Use code SharkTank15 to get 15% off your order!”

After the pitches on last week’s Shark Tank, including Jax Sheets and Draft Top, it will be interesting to see what other home-goods products will be featured on the show.

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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