Songlorious on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes this personalized song service special and where you can buy one

What is Songlorious on Shark Tank?
Songlorious takes personalized gift-giving to the next level. Pic credit: CBS

Songlorious on Shark Tank has fans buzzing about what makes the personalized song service special and where can one be bought.

The hit ABC reality TV show is back for Season 13. Shark Tank viewers can expect lots of crazy, innovative, and genius ideas to be pitched.

One of those ideas is Songlorious, which allows anyone to send a personalized song as a gift, an apology, or simply to say I love you. The business has been touted as the “Uber of music” by Chattanooga’s News Channel Nine.

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What makes Songlorious on Shark Tank special?

Ellen Hodges and Omayya Atout are the brains behind Songlorious, which is a custom song business. They created the company out of their love of music and each other.

The married couple contacts musicians worldwide to help create custom one-of-a-kind special songs for any occasion. To date, over 10,000 songs have been produced, according to the website.

Songlorious was launched in 2019 but became more popular amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The company helped provide several musicians with employment through the pandemic. It also allowed people who were separated from their loved ones to do some special amid an uncertain time.

Where can you buy a custom-made song?

There’s no question the concept behind Songlorious is pretty cool. Thankfully it’s also a fairly easy process to create a custom-made song.

Those interested simply head to the website, which is very interactive, to listen to some samples of the studio-quality music that tells a story. A list of musicians is also featured so customers can test out who they would like to make the special song.

As for what is needed to create the song, the customer just needs to fill in a few pieces of information. Once the order is placed, customers are given a song ID to use when looking for a status update on the purchase.

Songlorious isn’t cheap, though. The price varies depending on the length and music genre a customer wants on the song. It can literally be up to $500, and the cheaper ones are around $200.

While it appears the company is doing well, they are headed to Shark Tank to help take them to the next level. All bets are on Omayya and Ellen creating a custom song to impress the sharks.

The only question is will it work or will they walk without with only deal?

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Jill Brown Hodges
Jill Brown Hodges
2 years ago

Your prices are incorrect. Songs start at $45 and go up to $200 (or close to that). You can pay more for add-ons, like publishing or rush orders, but it doesn’t come close to $500 as you said.