Sister Wives spoiler: Ysabel Brown’s siblings rally around her following back surgery when Kody wouldn’t

Kody Brown, Ysabel Brown and her siblings of Sister Wives
When Kody Brown refused to be by his daughter Ysabel’s side for surgery and recovery, her siblings rallied around her in his place. Pic credit: TLC

This week’s episode of Sister Wives, called Sad Sorry Lonely Little People, shows Ysabel Brown’s siblings rallying around her after back surgery when Kody Brown refused.

Last season on Sister Wives, Kody Brown shocked viewers as much as he shocked Ysabel and her mom Christine when he suggested that his then-17-year-old daughter Ysabel travel alone to New Jersey to have scoliosis surgery.

In this week’s episode, Ysabel underwent her surgery and her mom Christine Brown was by her side throughout it all.

Ysabel Brown’s siblings travel to New Jersey to be with her post-surgery on this week’s episode of Sister Wives

Also by Ysabel’s side were some of her siblings during her recovery. Ysabel and Christine stayed with Christine’s sister who lives in New Jersey, just one hour from Ysabel’s surgery center.

Although Ysabel’s surgery was extremely painful and took surgeons two hours longer than they anticipated, it was successful and life-changing.

Ysabel wore a sweatshirt to the hospital that Kody gave her to remind her of him while they were separated and begged to talk to her dad when she woke up from anesthesia.

Sister Wives viewers watched last week as Ysabel called her dad Kody’s priorities “a little screwed up” for not traveling with her for surgery, allowing his fear of COVID-19 to overtake him.

Christine offered round-the-clock support for her daughter from start to finish, so when some of Ysabel’s siblings showed up at her aunt’s house during recovery, it not only offered Christine a break but brought Ysabel some cheer while she recovered.

Ysabel’s siblings Aspyn and Hunter came from North Carolina, along with Aspyn’s husband, Mitch. Aspyn and Mitch live in Utah while Hunter is currently living in Maryland while he studies for his master’s degree in nursing at Johns Hopkins.

As Christine drove Ysabel home from the hospital to her sister’s house, she was extremely careful not to hit any bumps as it caused Ysabel intense pain.

When they arrived, Ysabel was happy to see that some of her siblings came to see her.

Ysabel Brown getting family time was ‘exactly what she needed’

Hunter, who is Kody and Janelle’s biological son, told the camera, “So, it’s been really nice being here for Ysabel. I’m really happy I was able to make it. I hate seeing her in all this pain, but I think after this big surgery with all of her pain that’s kind of, like, what’s important, is getting some family time in.”

Also by Ysabel’s side were her sisters Gwendlyn and Truely. Kody and Christine share a total of six biological children: Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truely.

Christine disclosed during her confessional that she talked with Hunter, Mitch, and Aspyn about taking COVID-19 precautions before spending time with Ysabel, telling them to be “super careful” before coming to visit.

Although Christine asked her other kids to adhere to the strict guidelines they’ve been following, she felt that ultimately Ysabel’s happiness seeing her siblings was more important.

“Is it the smartest, safest thing to do on paper?” Christine asked. “No. But the look in Ysabel’s eyes and the happiness she felt when she saw them is exactly what she needed. It’s exactly what we all needed.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.