Sister Wives’ Meri Brown’s quote may point to a split from Kody

Meri Brown
Meri spending time outdoors amidst rumors of a split from Kody. Pic Credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

Sister Wives’ Meri Brown has shared a new inspirational quote to her Instagram story, leaving fans wondering what she’s referring to and questioning if she’s talking about alleged marriage trouble with Kody Brown.

“Being strong doesn’t mean you will never get hurt.  It means that even when you do get hurt, you will NEVER let it defeat you,” the quote read.

Kody Brown’s first wife, Meri is no stranger to posting cryptic posts on social media.  She often illustrates her feeds with quotes describing struggle, pain and weathering life’s storms.

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Her recent posting is no different, However, the timing is notable as it comes amidst rumors swirling of a permanent split between her and Kody.

Meri and Kody have a pattern of marital issues

Kodi and Meri Brown have a long and public history of marriage struggles.  Last season on the show highlighted both of them admitting that the relationship that they once shared was completely rocky, and Kodi even explained that he regretted marrying Meri in the first place.


He stated in a recorded therapy session, “Meri mourns the loss of what we had…I regret what we had.”

And later as Meri looked on, he explained that they had a very quick path to the alter, “I didn’t know who I was marrying.  As things unfolded, I started to become troubled and bitter by the situation I was in.”

Fans will also remember one of the most dramatic stories to play out on the show, Meri’s catfishing incident.  The experience appeared to have a profound impact on the entire family and strained relationships with not just Kody, but the other sister wives and her daughter, Mariah.

Mariah and Meri seemed to have mended fences and also appear to have grown close in the last few years.  Meri and Kody have come clean in therapy that they have drifted further apart, although based on the recent admissions from Kody, things have been strained long before Meri was catfished.

Has quarantine contributed to the decline of Meri and Kody’s relationship?

Throughout quarantine, it has been noted that Kody has only been seen once with Meri, and that was to deliver legal documents that she did not disclose further details on, except to jokingly respond to a fan saying they were divorce papers.

In April, neither Kody or Meri acknowledged their 30-year anniversary, one most couples would consider to be an important passage of time.  Meri has also been spotted without her wedding ring on in pictures and live streams.  Although no definitive declaration has been made by either party to confirm the rumors, most fans will not be surprised if one is coming.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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