Sister Wives: Meri Brown says the ‘purpose’ that comes from her pain will be worth it

Meri Brown of Sister Wives
Meri Brown says she’s learning how pain can “shape and propel” her. Pic credit: TLC

Meri Brown explained how she plans to use her pain to “propel her towards her purpose” after the Sister Wives star met with her colleagues.

Meri shared on Wednesday that she was finally ready to travel again after a sixteen-month hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Headed to spend some time with her LuLaRoe colleagues, Meri shared in an Instagram post that she took away a lesson from a message during her business event.

It appeared that Danelle Delgado, a life coach, spoke at the event, and Meri was moved by what she had to say about converting pain into purpose.

Meri posted a pic of two women on stage, purportedly Danelle Delgado and another female, hugging. She paired the pic with a longwinded caption about what she’s learning on her trip.

Meri Brown met with friends and colleagues to ‘learn and grow’

“This weekend is a long awaited weekend for me, getting back together with friends, colleagues, and like minded individuals, all of us teaching, learning and growing. Being immersed in the @LuLaRoe community for 5 years, I’ve found my passion and my joy here,” Meri told her followers.

Meri noted that at her LuLaRoe events, she looks forward to the messages spoken there and thinking of ways to improve both her businesses and herself.

“Ever grateful for this company and what it stands for. At events like these, I’m always amazed at the messages I hear, things I can improve on both in business (or businesses in my case) and on a personal and self improvement level,” Meri posted.

Meri talked about using pain to “propel” herself to her purpose, learning from it, and helping others do the same. She then thanked Danelle for the message she sent.

Meri Brown learned how pain can ‘shape’ her

“So far, both yesterday and today, I’m hearing and learning about pain, and how it can shape me, and propel me to my purpose,” she continued. “It’s about leaning into the pain, focusing on who and what I’m fighting and living for, and finding that purpose, but more than that, being willing to be vulnerable enough to allow myself and my pain to be seen.”

“Because only then can I learn something, and maybe I can offer something to someone else who needs to see it. Thank you @danelledelgado for reminding me that my pain is ok, is of value, is worth it, and that the purpose that comes from it will be freaking amazing!” She concluded.

The Sister Wives star shares serious messages

Meri’s post comes on the heels of another post she shared last week about “choosing growth over company.” Earlier this month, Meri hinted at being “fully manipulated” in a serious post that looked like she meant business.

Speaking of pain that Meri might be experiencing, it’s likely that most of that comes from the recent loss of her mother, Bonnie, and her struggles with her marriage to Kody Brown. Meri doesn’t discuss Kody or her marriage issues on social media, but often shares cryptic quotes seemingly aimed at her estranged husband.

Although the future of Meri and Kody’s marriage looks bleak, she has admitted that she’s committed to always fighting for her family and said, “the fight is worth it.”

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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