Meri Brown lays down ‘ground rules’ for social media, including not talking about the show or her family

Meri Brown of Sister Wives
Meri Brown of Sister Wives has some ground rules for her fans when it comes to her social media account. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has given her fans some “ground rules” when it comes to what she allows them to talk about on her social media account.

Beginning in February, every Friday night, Meri hosts what she calls Fridays With Friends on Instagram live, alongside her BFF, Jenn. She initially called it Friday night chit chat, before changing the name.

The friends sometimes host the Instagram live separately from their homes, but this week the two were together for the event.

Meri and Jenn talk about things going on in their lives, answer some fan questions, and try to keep a light atmosphere when hosting their IG TV segments full of “non-important chit chat,” as Meri put it.

Meri and Jenn sparked moving rumors

But this week, Meri laid out some “ground rules” for anyone who wants to participate in Fridays With Friends, and was very specific with her requests.

Taping from Parowan, Utah, presumably from Meri’s bed and breakfast, the duo teased about a possible move. Meri lives in Arizona and Jenn is an Oregon resident, so the fact they were in Utah raised some eyebrows.

Meri recently reopened the inn after a hiatus to mourn the loss of her mom, Bonnie, who was the innkeeper.

Meri teased about their location, and asked her followers, “Now, who do you think is moving? I mean, I’m not in Flagstaff, she’s not in Oregon.”

“Who’s moving?!” Jenn asked the cameras.

“Could be either way!” Meri teased.

It appears that Jenn is moving and staying with Meri

Meri cancelled her June 11 Fridays with Friends due to lack of internet service, and sparked some rumors that she may be moving with a pic she shared on her IG stories.

Along with a pic of a U-Haul pulling a car, Meri added the text, “Well friends, try as we might, tonight’s Fridays with Friends is canceled due to this little thing called ‘lack of internet service out in the middle of nowhere.'” She added, “We’ll have to do something super fun next Friday to make it up to you all!”

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Instagram
Meri first sparked moving rumors with this pic on her IG stories two weeks ago. Pic credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

It appears now that Meri’s BFF Jenn was the one moving, and the two are hanging out together in Parowan.

Meri’s ‘ground rules’ prohibit talking about Sister Wives or her family

“So, ok, this is the deal. So, um, for those of you who are new to hanging out with us, on Friday nights, this is our Fridays With Friends. We started doing it, I don’t know when, some time earlier this year. And it’s been a lot of fun,” Meri told her followers.

“So we decided we wanted to, uh, go live on Facebook on Fridays because we’re friends and we want to be friendly with you. So, that’s what we’re doing that’s all it is. It’s just a bunch of, uh, non-important chit chat,” Meri added.

Meri continued, “So, that’s what we’re here for. Um, couple of things — comments go through really, super fast, and it’s really basically impossible for us to answer every question or to even read them. We can’t even read them.”

Meri made it clear that Fridays with Friends is not for a ‘tell-all’ about her family

Meri continued to lay down the ground rules for her followers. “So, um, other ground rules… so, there’s this one, little, you know, TV show, um, that we… I mean… Like, I’m not gonna say I’m not gonna talk about it, but I am gonna say, ‘That’s not what we’re here for.’ If you’re here for a tell-all about my family, uh, that’s not what this is for.”

Since Meri has been staying in Utah to tend to her inn, fans of the show have wondered whether she’s started a new life without her estranged husband, Kody Brown.

It seems that for now, Meri is focusing on her own life, and is having fun doing it.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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