Sister Wives: Mariah Brown opens up about how the Browns have reacted to her coming out

Sister Wives: Mariah Brown opens up about how the Browns have reacted to her coming out
Mariah and Audrey from Sister Wives. Pic credit: @mariahbrwn/Instagram

According to the teaser clips from tonight’s episode of Sister Wives, Mariah Brown plans to talk about how hard it was for her to come out to her family.

With the idea of the Sister Wives family coming from fundamentalist Mormon teachings, she has said it wasn’t easy being who she is after years of religious upbringing.

Mariah talks coming out to Sister Wives family

Mariah came out and started dating Audrey three years ago.

After two years of dating, Mariah then popped the question at the Women’s March in Washington DC in January 2019.

Now, 14 months later, the two are still dating and going strong.

“She was really sweet and started crying and I was crying and then I put the ring on her, got up and gave her a kiss,” Mariah remembers of the moment that she popped the question.

Tonight, Mariah will share this part of her life’s story with fans on Sister Wives in what is sure to be an emotional moment.

The good news is that her family and friends, despite their religious beliefs, are completely behind the relationship and support Mariah 100 percent in her decisions.

“I actually think my dad almost cried! He really likes Audrey,” Mariah said. “All of our friends have been so sweet and offering to help and our families are obviously excited to share their input.”

All her moms love her and she gets their full support. As for Kody Brown, he put it best when he said, “God said, ‘You love, I judge.'”

Tonight on Sister Wives

As seen in the preview for tonight’s Sister Wives, it is time to hear from the kids and see what they think about the sudden upheaval of their family unit.

They moved pretty abruptly from Las Vegas to Flagstaff without a real plan on how they would live when they arrived in Arizona.

Kody Brown wanted one giant house for the entire family to live, with a different wing for each wife. However, his wives protested, with three of them not happy with that idea.

Then, Robyn lost it when Kody bought her a large house away from everyone else in Flagstaff because the home she was renting was sold and they had to leave.

With that in mind, Robyn believes Kody betrayed the family by not following through with them living closer together.

Tonight, some of their kids weigh in, including Gabriel Brown, who thinks one house would be cool, and Truely, who thinks her moms are crazy for not liking the idea.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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