Sister Wives: Are Mariah and Audrey still together?

Sister Wives: Are Mariah and Audrey still together?
Mariah and Audrey from Sister Wives. Pic credit: @mariahbrwn/Instagram

Tonight on Sister Wives, there will be a look at what the children of Kody Brown and his wives think of the move to Flagstaff and the idea of the One House that Kody wanted.

However, when it comes to Kody and Meri’s daughter, Mariah, the conversation will take a different turn.

Sister Wives: Mariah and Audrey

Mariah came out as gay and entered into a relationship with a girl named Audrey, moving away from home and across the country from her family.

Tonight, the preview for Sister Wives shows Mariah talking about how hard it is to come out as gay after growing up in a religious household.

However, one thing that many fans have noticed is that Mariah hasn’t talked much about Audrey in the past couple of months and some fans worried they are no longer together.

Fear not, Sister Wives’ faithful — Mariah and Audrey are still together.

As is usual for fans of stars, some like to hijack new posts in order to try to get their questions answered. This time, it was a photo of Mariah’s dog where a fan asked if she is still with Audrey.

The good news is that Mariah responded that, despite the lack of current photos of the two of them together, they are still a couple.

Ten weeks ago, Mariah posted a photo of them together with well-0wishes for whatever their future may bring them.

Then, possibly to answer her fans’ questions, Mariah posted a photo yesterday on Instagram of the two of them together once again.

“Grateful for a little bit of sunshine & blue skies while in slc for a few days. sending lots of love out into the world today,” Mariah wrote. “i think we can all use a little bit more of that right now.”

Tonight on Sister Wives

As the preview for tonight’s Sister Wives shows, it is time to hear from the kids.

On top of Mariah talking about coming out to her religious family, we also hear from Gabriel Brown and Truely Brown about the One House idea, and see that both of them seemed excited about the possibility.

However, as the past few shows indicated, that may be out the window as the Sister Wives family is not only not moving into a One House right now, but Kody just bought Robyn a large house away from everyone, against her own best wishes.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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