Sister Wives fans worry that Meri Brown may have done something to push the TLC hit toward cancellation

Sister Wives stars Kody, Janelle, Christine, Mary, and Robin Brown.
Is the Brown family’s hit show Sister Wives heading towards cancelation? Fans worry that it’s true. Pic credit: TLC

TLC has become well known for its ability to find interesting individuals, families, and personalities to bring onto its reality television shows.

In 2010, TLC did it again with what would turn out to be one of its biggest shows, Sister Wives.

The show has followed Kody Brown and his family as they navigate their lives as a polygamist family.

When the show first aired, Kody and his three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine were in the midst of courting another woman, Robyn, and the two eventually wed. This made Robyn the fourth wife in the Brown family.

Although Meri was the first wife, and therefore the only wife to be legally tied to Kody, this changed in 2014. In order for Kody to be able to legally adopt Robyn’s children from a previous marriage, Kody needed to divorce Meri and marry Robyn.

They followed through and Kody was eventually able to adopt Robyn’s children.

In recent years the Brown’s have seen their fair share of obstacles, especially between Kody and Meri. This tension has been an ongoing plot point in recent seasons of the show.

However, it now seems that things may not be as they appear. And if that’s the case, it could mean that TLC has staged the ongoing drama between Kody and Meri to keep the show relevant.

Meri’s drama with Kody is a driving force on the show

Meri and Kody had been experiencing some tension throughout their seasons on the show. Her insecurities often took center stage in the couple’s arguments, although it seemed they were always able to sort it out.

However, in 2015, Meri was the victim of a catfishing scandal that rocked the family. It turned out that the issues Kody and Meri were facing had her looking outside of the marriage for some validation.

Meri met a man online and fell in love. But, all was not as it seemed. It turned out that the man Meri had been turning to for comfort was actually a woman who decided to catfish Meri.

The scandal was hard for the Brown family to overcome, and the rift between Meri and Kody deepened.

Meri professes her love for Kody, does this mean trouble for Sister Wives?

Truthfully, fans of the show have continued to watch the family out of curiosity for the state of Kody and Meri’s marriage.

Well, fans may not have to wonder anymore.

After a lengthy Instagram post where Meri professes her love for Kody, it has left fans wondering if this will mean an end to Sister Wives.

In the post, Meri says, “Let’s just clarify something here. I love this man [Kody]. I do not owe anyone an explanation but I’ll do it anyway.”

She continued to explain that although the family has made the decision to put themselves out there, her relationship with Kody is personal to them.

She carries on to say that she’s committed to the Brown family and has no plans of going anywhere.


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With such a confession, this directly contradicts the storylines that fans have come to expect from the show. If there’s no real drama between Meri and Kody, is it all for the show? Or, have they managed to mend their marriage?

Regardless, if this storyline has come to an end, what else could the show possibly take on to keep them going?

Fans will just have to wait and see.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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