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Sister Wives fans comment on how unhappy Kody Brown’s wives look in latest promo pic

Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown of Sister Wives
Sister Wives fans couldn’t help but notice how “unhappy” Kody Brown’s wives look in their latest promo pic. Pic credit: TLC

Kody Brown’s four wives look very “unhappy” in their latest promo pic and Sister Wives viewers were sure to point it out.

For the upcoming Season 16 of Sister Wives, TLC released a promo pic and Kody’s wives look anything but thrilled.

Christine, Janelle, Robyn, and Meri Brown posed for the pic, shared on TLC’s official Instagram page.

The pic was part of TLC’s post, promoting this weekend’s premiere of Season 16 of Sister Wives, returning on Sunday, November 21.

Kody Brown’s wives give serious attitude in promo pic

In the promo shot, the ladies all wore serious faces and exuded some major attitude with their body language.

Christine stood with one hand on her hip as she glared into the camera. Janelle clasped both hands in front of herself as she donned a serious expression.

Robyn Brown clenched one fist by her side and she stared angrily into the lens. And Meri Brown, Kody’s first wife, followed Christine’s lead and posed with one hand on her hip as well, along with a serious face to match her sister wives.

Of course, such a post wouldn’t be complete without commentary from Sister Wives fans who pointed out the obvious unhappiness between Kody’s wives.

Sister Wives viewers pointed out how ‘unhappy’ Kody’s wives look

“Finally, they’ve managed to capture what it’s really like being in a plural marriage!” wrote one Sister Wives viewer. “They all look thrilled and [Robyn] looks like the pleasant person she really is! 😂😂😂”

One Sister Wives viewer felt the promo pic of Kody’s wives was a deterrent to watching the show.

They commented, “Every year they look meaner and angier in their promotion photo. Sure makes you want to watch 🙄”

sister wives fans commented on how unhappy kody brown's wives look in their promo pic on instagram
Pic credit: @tlc/Instagram

Mocking the opening credits, in which Kody Brown says his famous tagline, “Love should be multiplied, not divided,” another fan of the show commented, “The love gets divided.”

“They look oh so thrilled,” quipped another Sister Wives fan.

Another sarcastic comment read, “Everyone’s looking good and happy I see.”

Season 16 of Sister Wives promises to continue to expose the Brown family’s unraveling as one, big, happy, polygamous family.

As Sister Wives fans know, Christine Brown has left Kody and the family in Flagstaff and moved to Utah. As Christine Brown promised her fans, this season, viewers will get to witness the crumbling of her and Kody’s marriage and what led to their split.

Be sure to tune in this weekend and catch up with the Browns during Episode 1, titled There’s No Me in Polygamy.

Sister Wives returns for Season 16 on Sunday, November 21 at 10/9c on TLC.

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    • It’s all about the money you guys they’ve stretched this show out as long as they can bitter feelings have been there for over a decade after the 1st season you could tell it was all fake

  1. CUT CHRISTINE OFF. If she left the family and went on with her own selfish wants … then GOOD RIDDENS. She’s been jealous from the get go. She’s the toxic one.. infecting the rest if the family. Her and Janelle’s kids.. the ungrateful brats they are. Shame on you Janelle.. for not MAKING your kids respect their father. Y’all asked for this lifestyle. Y’all need to suck it up & respect your husband. It can’t be hard… Mary & Robyn can do it CAUSE THEY WANT IT! You want to go to heaven? Uh.. you’re husband always comes before your children. After God but before your children. If you can’t DO THAT.. then GET OUT!

  2. It all changed with Robyn. The other women only knew Kody and their polygamous lives. Robyn lived a married life before Kody. Before, what Kody said was the rule. Along comes Robyn with her own opinions and past sexual experiences and past kids. Merri was the only legally married wife. She gave that up so Robyn could legally marry Kody and keep her children from her ex. Before COVID Kody spent most of his time with Robyn and her kids and left the rest of his family to wonder what’s going on. He moved them to Arizona. What was wrong with where they were? Was it a hair brained money making idea? They were not going to be living in 1 house while he spent most of his time with Robyn. COVID just forced them to see it. Robyn acts all innocent and says she misses everyone but you know she has to realize she broke up the family. She is the reason Kody ignores his other children. Why does she need a nanny?

    • If anybody needs to be cut off it’s robin and Cody Christine such a sweetheart she don’t deserve this After after robin They all should have left in They discard called Oliver and love and he and they thought they were doing the right thing but He’s just a player I’m a man I can see what he’s doing and I hope robin gets everything she deserves a just don’t like her and never have she is a home recorder and He’s just a player I’m a man I can see what he’s doing and I hope robin gets everything she deserves a just don’t like her and I never have she is a home recorder and those are her rules about the covid call me and they just

  3. You know I have to say when robin came on to the picture my mother told me that she would in that breaking up that family and be the only 1 left with Cody because that’s all he wanted anyways, However mama mother passed away now and I would love to be able to say and tell her to her face she’s right Cody mcpherated all those wives to get what he wanted any also had 3 wives take care of it to get what do you want and Robert wants to say it’s a joke she’s like she’s getting!

  4. Who am I in variated with is Cody and Robert because they have worked these other 3 women and played them so well to get what they needed and walnut which was cash now they can live their life the way they want to be they should have left Cody ears ago and stop taking care of him if you notice he’s never worked a day since the show 1st came out these women

    • Well robin I hope you’re happy because you finally got what you wanted Comment when you 1st came on the show my mom told me which she’s passed away now but she said that you would want him all by yourself and you would drive a wedge between all of them , Mary Christine and Janelle Say good riddance to those 2 and let them be karma is a b***h and it will Come back on me ! Janelle and christy Christine just say good riddance Because they will get what they deserve in robin I can’t wait to see what happens to you because Normal normal normally such Normal normal normally such a mean bitter person Watching this show this past season has it really because Robert has a exact lifea !!!!!!

    • I can’t Wait to see what robin gets coming to her and she has such a perfect cry it’s sickening she could care less I just I’m so I just I’m so disgusting with her and Cody for letting her even in their family because she is the reason why the family is just stood and I’m not against poor mike marriage I’m not in 1 however they have that Robert come here and just Call me Robert Robinson this is for Call me Robert Robinson this is for you had a answer to And I can’t wait to wait till you do ityou!

  5. Don’t you just hate it when everything goes back to ” My religion”. Kody is only married to one of them. So, just walk away from the self-serving Kody, who only wants to have relations with Robin. Maybe, he should just dump them and bring some more women into the fold. Just don’t let them be too young, Robin. Good Luck……..

    • After watching the comments on tv I gotta say that I am not on Christine’s side. There are about 8 kids in this family and as Moms we look out for our child’s well being both mental and physical so what Christine wants here really does not count. Any family no matter what kind of marriage they are in these children should always come first and Christine moving away was not in the cards here. She broke up a family and she had this worked out before she ever going to surgery with her daughter. This was a game she was playing here to get sympathy. I saw it through and through/. She used her daughter’s physical condition as a way to get away and take care of what she had to take care of. When she sat her daughter down and made her daughter tell her dad what the problem was that turned me against Kristine and no matter what the circumstances are she should never have used her daughter’s health nor used any of her children’s mental health to move away. Christine broke this family up and Christine seems to think she can move far away from her nieces and nephews so she broke up the entire family dynamics. Counseling is never workable unless both parties want counseling. After seeing Christine so happy in all the interviews I can only think she already has something in the works for her physical needs. She should have swallowed her pride and stayed as a family unit. Her children will hold that against her. She should have stayed and her antics in all this did not help what I thought about her. Now that she has what she thought she wanted it would be interesting to see what happens to her and how soon it starts happening and she starts dating another person. She broke apart the family dynamics here and has no one to blame other than herself. She did not just hurt he own family but all the other kids also. Kristine was looking out for Christine only.


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