Siesta Key’s Juliette Porter gets real about friendship with Chloe Long

Siesta Key star Juliette Porter.
Siesta Key star Juliette Porter answers fans’ questions. Pic credit: @julietteporter/Instagram

Siesta Key stars Juliette Porter and Chloe Long have had their fair share of ups and downs.

Chloe is often blamed for stirring the pot in a lot of the drama that has gone down, and Juliette has even gotten physical with her in the past.

Despite all the fighting, they’ve maintained a strong friendship.

Chloe has even supported Juliette in her business ventures as she’s grown her swimwear line JMP The Label.

While things seem to be good between the two of them recently based on social media, fans were wondering how much of that is real and what Chloe is like behind the scenes.

Juliette got truthful with her followers and addressed what was going on in their friendship in the real world.

Siesta Key’s Juliette Porter dishes on her friendship with Chloe Long

Juliette took time to answer fans’ questions in a series of Instagram Stories.

Fans asked her several questions about her move to Miami and her personal life.

The follower asked, “Is Chloe as much of a two faced beeyotch in real life as she is on the show?”

Juliette answers fan questions.
Pic credit: @julietteporter/Instagram

Despite the fan’s negativity toward Chloe, Juliette offered a completely different perspective on her friend and costar.

She said, “She’s really an incredible caring friend who has helped me with so much in my life. Everyone needs a friend who can be completely real and honest with you and that’s her. We definitely have had some crazy fights over the years but I think we’re over that phase in our lives now [smiley face emoji].”

Based on Juliette’s response, it’s clear that the two have formed a strong bond over the last few seasons and have done some growing up since their days of intense drama and fighting.

Juliette talks move to Miami, her relationship with Clark Drum

Not only did Juliette talk about her friendship with Chloe, but she also gave some insight into her move to Miami and her relationship with Clark Drum.

One person asked her about the “Pros and cons to living in Miami.”

Juliette responded, “The parking is the worst, it’s very hectic and busy and I miss nature.”

Despite those inconveniences, Juliette likes that there are “more people” and “so much more to do.”

She described it as the right time to “move on” from living in Sarasota.

Juliette talks about her move to Miami.
Pic credit: @julietteporter/Instagram

Juliette’s followers were also dying to know about Juliette’s relationship with Clark Drum.

She shared a photo of the two of them kissing and letting everyone know that they had been dating for a year and were extremely happy.

Juliette gives an update on Clark.
Pic credit: @julietteporter/Instagram

Fans can catch up with Juliette and her experiences in Miami during the new season.

Siesta Key: Miami moves airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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