Siesta Key’s Camilla Cattaneo says she was ’empty’ before finding ‘amazing’ new man

Camilla Cattaneo and Bradley Knotts.
Siesta Key’s Camilla Cattaneo raves about new man after being “heartbroken.” Pic credit: @radleyb_/Instagram

Siesta Key star Camilla Cattaneo has been through the wringer regarding relationships.

She and her costar Brandom Gomes had an intense and passionate relationship that was quickly derailed when he not only cheated on her but got the girl he cheated with pregnant.

Not only did he get another girl pregnant, but Camilla also revealed that they experienced an ectopic pregnancy around the same time.

While she was devasted, Brandon tried to win back Camilla’s heart, but he couldn’t get out of his own way. He briefly had a fling with a separate costar, Jordana Barnes, and that seemed to seal the fate of any future with Camilla.

Camilla has moved on with someone new and shared how her sadness has completely disappeared thanks to her “amazing” new man.

Siesta Key’s Camilla Cattaneo was ’empty’ before finding ‘amazing’ new man

Camilla recently became Instagram official with her new boyfriend, Bradley Knotts, after sharing a photo of them at the beach.

He grabbed her into his arms as she wrapped her legs around him. She captioned the post, “Low quality picture, high quality man.”

A few weeks after revealing him to the world, Camilla has admitted that she was “empty” before meeting him.

She shared a TikTok video of the two dancing at a wedding.

She was seen smiling from ear to ear as he twirled her around and the two embraced and shared a kiss.

Camilla captioned the video, “1 year ago I was depressed, empty, heartbroken, and felt like I would never be able to love again. Unexpectedly I met this amazing man who taught me the way love is supposed to be.”

She ended with some advice for her followers and wrote, “Don’t ever settle.”

Camilla Cattaneo moves on from Siesta Key

While seeing Camilla genuinely happy undoubtedly has fans excited for her, viewers will unfortunately not have an opportunity to witness their relationship blossom in the new season of Siesta Key.

Camilla revealed that she would not appear in the new season and was moving on from the show.

She shared that she had a sense of relief about getting away from all of the “toxicity.”

Not much is currently known about Camilla’s new man aside from the information shared on his Instagram page. He appears to be a real estate entrepreneur living in St. Pete, Florida.

Fans should stay tuned to Camilla’s social media to keep up to date on the latest happenings in her life.

Siesta Key is currently on hiatus.

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