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Siesta Key: Sam Logan’s Rolls Royce stolen from Miami home

Sam Logan on Siesta Key.
Sam Logan shared that someone stole his car. Pic credit: MTV

Siesta Key star Sam Logan recently moved to Miami along with the rest of the cast to film the new season.

He and his costar and friend Jordana Barnes moved in together, and he’s shown their new place in many pictures and videos on social media.

It’s no secret that Sam is very wealthy as he is not shy about sharing details of his home or his high-end belongings.

He often flashes his jewelry and takes videos from inside his expensive cars.

It looks like Sam may have benefited from a little more privacy as he posted this weekend that someone stole his Rolls Royce Cullinan from his home.

Siesta Key’s Sam Logan says his Rolls Royce was stolen

Sam shared a story on his Instagram stories and wrote, “Yo so someone stole my rolls royce cullinan and ran over my mailbox pls lmk if you know anything.”

In the photo, his mailbox was shown in pieces on the ground, and it looked like whoever stole the vehicle left in a hurry without worrying about the destruction they made in their path.

Sam shared a second image of a police vehicle before offering a reward for any information people could provide to help him get his car back.

He captioned the photo, “Currently in plantation I guess. You’ll be well compensated and I’ll love you forever.”

The posts were quickly deleted from Sam’s personal page but not before the MTV gossip page @mtv_reality_teaa shared it with fans.

Sam Logan had a tough weekend

Aside from getting his vehicle stolen, Sam had a bit of a rough weekend.

The day before he lost his car, he shared a photo on his Instagram stories of a wound to his forehead.

The gash was apparently caused by his safe hitting him in the head.

He described what happened and blamed his contacts for being out. He said he went to put some jewelry in the safe and “hopped over” to his safe because he had a bad knee.

He said he put his face close to the combination to ensure he could see the code. That’s when the safe flew open and smacked him in the head.

Sam told everyone he was doing okay, but he thought it was “funny” that the producers had to put makeup over it to film.

As of yet, it doesn’t appear that Sam has located his stolen vehicle.

Siesta Key is currently on hiatus.

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