Siesta Key: Jordana Barnes and Meghan Bischoff seemingly friends again ahead of premiere

Jordana Barnes of Siesta Key.
Siesta Key’s Jordana Barnes and Meghan Bischoff seem to have made amends. Pic credit: @jordanalexus/Instagram

Siesta Key stars Jordana Barnes and Meghan Bischoff have had a rocky friendship.

Meghan had been on-again-off-again with Sam Logan, and things seemed civil when he and Jordana moved to Miami together.

Meghan even spent time with them, hanging out at Sam’s new home.

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However, things seemed to take a turn when Jordana and Sam were caught making out a few times.

Even though he and Meghan had stopped hooking up at the time, she didn’t seem to take it very well.

She bashed Jordana publicly and unfollowed both her and Sam on social media.

However, it looks like Jordana and Meghan have made up, as the two were spending some time together this week.

Siesta Key’s Jordana Barnes and Meghan Bischoff spotted together

Sam may have caused a rift between Jordana and Meghan, but it didn’t last too long.

Weeks later, the two of them were spotted hanging out together with no Sam in sight.

Jordana shared a photo of the two of them, along with another friend, as they posed together in the back of a car.

They were smiling and appeared to be having fun together.

Jordana and Meghan hang out together.
Pic credit: @jordanalexus/Instagram

Their outing comes following news that Jordana had moved out of Sam’s Miami home and was back at her mother’s house in Siesta Key.

It’s not clear at this time what exactly happened to cause Jordana to leave, and neither she nor Sam have directly addressed it.

The two of them stopped following each other for a short period, but they started again recently.

It’s possible their kiss caused issues in their friendship, but they are likely keeping quiet about it until it plays out for viewers in the new season.

Jordana Barnes is spending time with a new man

While she and Sam are experiencing some type of rift, she appears to be cozied up to a new man.

She recently took a trip to Boston with a guy named Adam Conway.

While he’s appeared in photos with Jordana before, they were flirtatious with each other in the comment section of her vacation post.

They may be in a relationship, but Jordana hasn’t confirmed that.

Fans will have much to catch up on when the new season premieres next week.

Siesta Key: Miami Moves premieres Thursday, October 27 at 8/7c on MTV.

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