Siesta Key: Sam addresses relationship with Jordana following steamy kiss

Jordana Barnes and Sam Logan.
Siesta Key’s Sam Logan sets the record straight about his relationship with Jordana. Pic credit: MTV

The Siesta Key cast has celebrated a few birthdays recently in addition to the Fourth of July.

Just last weekend, they partied together for Lexie Salameh’s birthday, and most recently, Sam Logan threw himself a jungle-themed bash at his Miami home.

Camera crews were spotted in the background of pictures shared on social media, and even his ex Juliette Porter showed up to the event as the two seem to be getting along better.

In addition to his party, Sam had a night out on the town with his friends, including his roommate Jordana Barnes.

The two got fans talking when they were videoed sharing a steamy kiss, causing fans to speculate further that there is something more between them.

Now, Sam is speaking out to set the record straight about the status of his relationship with Jordana.

Siesta Key’s Sam Logan confirms relationship with Jordana Barnes

When Juliette and Sam were together, she often had issues with how Jordana interacted with him. She found her to be overly flirtatious, and given that they hooked up in the past, it started to affect their relationship.

Sam had asked Jordana to back off at one point, even though he insisted they were nothing more than friends.

After he split from Juliette, Sam and Jordana moved in together in Miami. Despite the rumor mill circulating, they continued to plead that they were best friends. That notion became less believable after they locked lips on Sam’s birthday.

One of his friends shared a video of Jordana dancing up to him. She turned and placed her arms around his neck, and he went in for a sensual kiss.

The video circulated on social media and fed more fuel to the rumor mill that the two of them had been hooking up. Sam recently spoke out and clarified that the two of them are just friends.

The MTV gossip page @mtv_reality_teaa shared a screenshot of Sam’s reply to a fan question.

The fan asked, “Are you both together but can’t say yet? because of the show and if not why arent you.”

Sam replied, “no lol she had a guy here last week that stayed for 5 days. We have a platonic friendship but are just close.”

Sam confirms platonic relationship with Jordana.
Pic credit: @mtv_reality_teaa/Instagram

Meghan Bischoff sounds off about Jordana and Sam’s kiss

While Sam confirmed that he and Jordana are just platonic friends, that didn’t stop his former fling, Meghan Bischoff, from being upset about it.

After seeing the video of the two of them kissing, she said she would share therapist recommendations with Jordana, implying that she’d need one after being involved with Sam.

Meghan no longer follows either of them on social media and was bothered by their intimacy.

Sam and Meghan haven’t been together in a while, so it’s unclear why she was so upset by the kiss.

Siesta Key is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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