Siesta Key: Here’s how Brandon Gomes and Delainey Salek’s custody fight played out

Siesta Key's Brandon Gomes with his son Quincy.
Siesta Key’s Brandon Gomes seeks custody of his son Quincy. Pic credit: MTV

Siesta Key’s Brandon Gomes went to court to seek custody of his 1-year-old son Quincy who he shares with Delainey Salek.

Brandon officially filed with the courts in March of 2021 because he believed he should have “shared parental responsibility” and “substantial time-sharing.”

In response, Delainey reportedly asked to be the one who was the “ultimate decision-making authority” despite any shared custody and was also seeking child support dating back to June 2020.

She wanted Brandon to pay for Quincy’s health insurance, and to obtain life insurance, and place her as the beneficiary. Brandon fought her request by stating that she was “capable of obtaining and maintaining employment and earning income.”

Brandon and Delainey then went to mediation in October of last year, but they weren’t able to find a common ground.

A settlement agreement was reached on January 13 of this year, with Brandon paying $5000 in back child support, and $1,100 a month until Quincy turns 18. They also settled on a shared custody plan where Quincy is with Delainey from Saturday evening to Friday evening every other week and is with Brandon for the one overnight.

Delainey will then have Quincy all seven days the following week. Their plan for holidays is to alternate back and forth. Delainey will be responsible for taking care of Quincy’s medical insurance.

Siesta Key’s Brandon Gomes wants more time with his son Quincy

Brandon has made it clear in recent episodes of Siesta Key that he is desperate to spend more time with his son. His relationship with Delainey has been challenging since the two had never dated prior to conceiving their son.

They had a quick fling while Brandon was still dating Camilla Cattaneo and Delainey’s pregnancy quickly ended that relationship.

Despite Delainey’s efforts to get Brandon to be a family of three, the two have tried to strictly co-parent but Brandon revealed in a recent episode that she has a hard time trusting him alone with their son.

Brandon urged Delainey to give him one on one time with Quincy so they could have a chance to bond, but she admitted that it would take time and she was hoping to get monetary support. The two decided they would need lawyers to intervene to help them determine the next steps.

Brandon Gomes admits Delainey Salek is a ‘great mom’

Despite taking things to court, it seems that Brandon and Delainey may be in a better place today.

Following recent episodes, Brandon shared that he thought highly of her.

He shared on Twitter, “Aside from anything, Delainey is a great mom, I appreciate you!”

He also added that he loved spending time alone with his son.

Brandon compliments Delainey.
Brandon compliments Delainey. Pic credit: @_BG_Gomes/Twitter

Fans can keep up with Brandon’s journey through fatherhood by tuning into new episodes of Siesta Key.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MT

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