Shannon Beador’s kids think she overreacts about getting sick– Here are the other times we saw that on RHOC

Shannon Beador's daughters pose with Shannon in matching pajamas.
Shannon Beador’s daughters pose with Shannon in matching pajamas. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador received backlash from her kids during last night’s episode while calling in to check on their health.

Her three daughters Sophie, 19, and twins Stella and Adeline, 15, accused her of being overbearing and paranoid about getting sick.

Shannon, who had been staying in a separate place with her boyfriend, John Janssen,  after Stella had tested positive for COVID-19, initiated a video call with her three daughters.

“You guys look pretty darn good. For infected scourge, ” John observed when Shannon’s three daughters signed onto the call.

“I need you guys to try and be healthy,” Shannon urged. “I ordered a bunch of immunity stuff and it’s on the dining room table.”

She then ran a checklist past her daughters of precautions that they needed to take.

“If we would’ve been more careful, we might not be in this position,” Shannon lamented. “But why do you guys think you got it?”

“Were you kissing anyone?” John asked, to which Shannon’s daughter’s dismissed.

Shannon’s daughter’s reaction to her questioning

Shannon’s daughters began to lose their composure as their mother continued to question them.

“Ok, so what symptoms, if any did you have?” Shannon asked.

Shannon pushed further for more details, “Did you have a fever? Are you weak? Do you have diarrhea?”

Shannon’s twins Stella and Adeline laugh as Shannon interrogated Sophie about her symptoms.

After Sophie explained her symptoms, Shannon asked, “Why didn’t you tell me? Because I give you things to help you.”

The sisters then explain that they were “terrified” to tell her and that they “know how crazy” she gets.

“Why are you smiling, Stella?” Shannon snaps. “‘Cause I wanna know what’s so funny about this?”

They then brushed off Shannon’s questions, not wanting to get into it.

Sophie, who is writing a book about life with her mother and her parents’ separation, then got real about her mother’s tendencies to overreact.

“Does my mom tend to overreact?” Sophie retorted during a confessional interview. “Am I breathing oxygen right now?”

“If you even have a cold, you tell me so I have the choice to stay away,” Shannon reminded her children.

Her daughters then frustratedly explained that they have had this same question with their mother plenty of times.

However, as Gina has previously said, if Shannon is going to get overworked about anything, COVID-19 is the right cause.

This is not the first time RHOC viewers have seen Shannon be paranoid over illnesses.

Shannon worried about Zika

In 2018, the women took a girls’ trip to Jamaica. During the trip as a whole, Shannon was criticized for being negative and overdramatic about her current divorce.

However, she also got eye rolls from her friends over her paranoia about the Zika virus.

“We’re in the heart of Zika virus,” Shannon warned her friends while they were in Jamaica.

Shannon even advised her costars that they shouldn’t leave their rooms because of the virus.

There was also the time she got hit in the head

RHOC fans likely haven’t forgotten that one time that Kelly Dodd hit Shannon Beador in the head during what should have been a healing experience for her.

It was during last season’s RHOC cast trip to Arizona when the ladies visited a wellness center and Shannon Beador volunteered to stand in a metal bowl with another on top of her head while the healer tapped on it with a wooden mallet.

Kelly, who had been giving Shannon a hard time about the entire trip, thought it would be funny to take a big mallet and hit Shannon on the head unbeknownst to her.

After the cleansing, Shannon complained that one of the gong hits was a lot harder than the others and that now, she had a headache. That’s when she learned that it was Kelly’s fault.

What should have ended right there turned into Shannon obsessing about what might be wrong because of the headache. After complaining about blurred vision, Tamra Judge further fed into her anxiety and ultimately, Shannon went to the hospital to have her head checked out.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs on Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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