Shane Simpson responds to Jenny McCarthy calling him a ‘huge loser’ and a ‘dork’

Shane Simpson responds after being call a loser by Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy has called out Shane Simpson. Pic credit: ©Imagecollect/admedia/@rhoc-emilysimpson/Instagram

Did you miss the cringeworthy moment on Watch What Happens Live just days ago with Emily Simpson and Jenny McCarthy?

Well, let’s catch you up!

Emily was a guest on WWHL along with Housewives superfan, Jenny.

However, if you’ve ever seen the late-night show, you already know that Andy often asks a string of shady questions.

During a game called Who’s the Bigger Dork?, Andy asked Jenny to choose between some Bravo stars and celebrities.

Things got awkward when Jenny was shown two RHOC husbands, Braunwyn’s husband Sean Burke and Emily’s husband Shane.

Let’s be honest, it was a lose-lose situation.

But, Jenny got herself in some hot water when she said they were both “huge losers” and “dorks.”

Shane responds to Jenny

After the episode of WWHL aired, fans asked Emily Simpson on Instagram if the blonde beauty has apologized to Shane for the snafu.

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum admitted that Jenny has not apologized to her husband.

She did share his response after hearing he was called a huge loser though, and apparently he’s taking the jab in stride – although he threw a jab at McCarthy in return.

“Did Jenny Apologize to Shane? If not she should,” wrote the Instagram fan.

“No,but maybe she will in the future, who knows,” answered the RHOC alum.

She added, “When I told Shane about what she said, his response was ‘I don’t care. I’m a Carmen Electra fan anyway.'”

In case you’re confused, in the early 90s, Playboy models Carmen and Jenny were the “it” girls of their time.

Jenny McCarthy was also the long-running host of a popular MTV dating game show, Singled Out and years later she was replaced by none other than Carmen Electra.

So Shane may have been making reference to that!

Emily Simpson defended her husband

Keep in mind that during the WWHL segment, Shane’s wife Emily was right there.

When Jenny was shown the photo of Shane and Sean, she admitted that it was a hard choice picking between the two men.

Emily responded, “Jenny! It’s not hard.”

However, it doesn’t seem as if the Jenny McCarthy Show creator was really putting the pieces together and realizing that it was Emily’s husband.

At first, the model and actress said, “They’re both dorks, they’re both huge losers.”

But she then narrowed it down to Shane, as Emily and host Andy Cohen looked on in disbelief.

“That’s her husband,” Cohen retorted.

“That’s right; I’m sorry,” responded Jenny, covering her face in embarrassment.

“Yeah, seriously,” chimed in Emily. “You just called my husband a loser right in front of me!”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.