Serena Pitt calls out Mara Agrait, says she’s ‘obsessed’ with the younger women

Bachelor in Paradise alum Serena Pitt calls out current The Bachelor contestant Mara Agrait. Pic credit: ABC

If there’s anyone that knows a thing or two about getting engaged on a television show, it’s Bachelor in Paradise alum, Serena Pitt.

Having major objections to The Bachelor contestant Mara Agrait’s recent comments on the latest episode, Serena clapped back saying age doesn’t equate to readiness.

Serena Pitt calls out The Bachelor contestant, Mara Agrait

Speaking to former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin on The Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Serena gave her strong opinion on Mara’s comments regarding age and marriage.

While she understands her frustration in not getting time with the lead, Serena contested, “I do think Mara needs to kind of, get a little tough love there and hear that, maybe Clayton just doesn’t feel it.”

The biggest point of contention came from Mara’s comments correlating age and readiness for commitment as the Toronto native added, “I really have an issue with her fixating so much on the age of these women and maybe that’s because I was always the youngest.”

“She seems to be really obsessed with these younger women and how they can’t be ready for an engagement,” the 24-year-old continued. “She is because she’s 33 and Sarah’s not because she’s 23.”

Serena has a strong stance on the issue, considering the 11-year age difference between Serena and Joe “Grocery Store” Amabile. Despite the age gap, the two have become one of the most loved-up couples of Bachelor Nation after finding each other on Bachelor in Paradise.

“People really like to equate age to maturity and readiness but Shanae is 29 or 27, she’s in her late 20s and she was the one causing all the drama this season,” she argued. “Mara, you’re the oldest one in the house, you’re claiming at this point, yet you’re the one going and sabotaging other women’s relationships.”

What did Mara Agrait do on The Bachelor?

With the season dwindling down, so is the time to build a connection with Clayton Echard.

This week, the contestants took their love journies overseas and the dates had the beautiful backdrop of Croatia.

While some women have yet to receive their first intimate one-on-one date, Sarah Hamrick, the youngest woman in the house, was given her second.

Upset that Clayton is choosing to give attention to younger women, she told the Season 26 lead that she had heard Sarah say she wasn’t ready and couldn’t picture herself engaged, which Sarah in turn said was a lie.

Mara also cited Sarah’s young age as the main reason she didn’t believe she was ready for marriage, as she herself had not been prepared at 23.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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