Will Serena Pitt be moving to Chicago for Grocery Store Joe? Bachelor star talks future plans

Will Serena Pitt and Joe Amabile make their relationship work outside of Bachelor in Paradise? Pic credit: ABC

While the connection of Joe Amabile aka Grocery Store Joe and Serena Pitt survived the return of his ex Kendall Long on Bachelor in Paradise, will they be able to make their relationship work on the outside?

Joe and his ex-fiancee broke up due to her not wanting to move her life to Joe’s hometown of Chicago, and fans are questioning if Serena and Joe will suffer the same fate since they live not only in different cities but different countries.

Will Serena Pitt move to Chicago for Grocery Store Joe?

With location logistics being one of the main reasons behind the break-up of Kendall and Joe, Bryan Abasolo and Mike Johnson recently questioned Serena on the podcast, Talking it Out, on whether or not she’d be open to moving to Chicago.

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“It was an extensive conversation that we had multiple times about if we leave here,” the 23-year-old explained. “What is this going to look like because we don’t live in the same city and we don’t even live in the same country, it’s not just going to fall into place.”

Detailing some of the plans tentatively on the table, Serena revealed, “We talked about potentially doing back and forth between Toronto and Chicago, [doing a] 50/50 split and then eventually deciding, you know, which one worked best for us,” she explained on the Podcast.

Adding a second option to the mix, she continued, “Another city we discussed which, Joe has always wanted to live in New York. His heart is in New York City and the thing that I like about New York was that it’s kind of like a neutral ground so we’re both leaving our family and friends and coming together and kind of building a foundation.”

Serena P. on Living with Joe's Ex, Kendall

Are Serena and Joe still together?

With Serena detailing their future plans to Bryan and Mike, there’s a great chance they’re still together. However, it won’t be a smooth ending as Joe’s ex is set to return for the season’s finale.

Despite this, according to Reality Steve, Serena and Joe should be fine as they are rumored one of three couples to get engaged in Paradise this season.

Tune in this Tuesday to see how the finale of Bachelor in Paradise plays out.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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