Bachelor in Paradise: Here’s where you can find Anna Redman’s pheromone perfume

Bachelor in Paradise star Anna Redman brought a secret weapon to the beach. Pic credit: ABC

Being one of the last arrivals to Bachelor in Paradise isn’t easy but Bachelor Nation star Anna Redman showed host Wells Adams that she came prepared to hit the beach with a secret weapon.

Revealing a pheromone perfume to the celebrated host, the contestant from Matt James’ season hoped it would help bring some men her way.

It may have worked in her favor as her day ended in a steamy hot tub date with James Bonsall, a contestant from Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette.

Here’s where you can find Anna Redman’s pheromone perfume

According to WebMD, pheromones are chemicals known to drive one or more behavior responses, including sexual behavior.

Anna’s perfume laced with the flirty substance is called Pure Instinct and manufactured by IntiMD, a company that specializes in intimate care products.

The IntiMD website describes the aroma as an “alluring scent that you can wear it alone or layer it with your favorite perfume/cologne. It blends with your skin PH to create a one-of-a-kind scent.”

The company also recently posted a snippet featuring its Bachelor in Paradise cameo on its TikTok page.

Hoping to make herself irresistible with the pheromones, the Minnesota native rubbed it behind her ears before using her date card to take James Bonsall for some intimate one on one time.

Are James Bonsall and Anna Redman still dating?

Despite Anna arriving so late to Paradise, her pheromones may have worked in the case of James Bonsall.

Prior to her arrival, James had been unlucky in his connections but the 31-year-old lived another day after receiving a rose from Bachelor Nation veteran, Tia Booth.

While Anna’s arrival left Tia single, the Bachelor alum knew the spark with James wasn’t there.

As for James and Anna, they solidified their connection by choosing to go to the Paradise Prom together. However, with the end of the show drawing to a close, Anna and James are not one of the three couples predicted to leave the beach engaged.

In regard to if they’re currently dating, Anna and James have left no clues on their social media profiles hinting toward a possible relationship, but, likely, they wouldn’t be allowed until after the finale.

Tune in this Tuesday to see how the finale of Bachelor in Paradise plays out.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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