Seeking Sister Wife’s Sidian Jones donates to Christeline’s GoFundMe, explains his connection to octopuses

Sidian Jones of Seeking Sister Wife
Sidian explained his connection to octopuses and donated to Christeline Petersen’s GoFundMe fundraiser. Pic credit: TLC

Sidian Jones shared with his followers that he feels connected to a certain eight-armed invertebrate and took time to donate to another Seeking Sister Wife star’s GoFundMe fundraiser this week.

The 38-year-old TLC star shared a tattoo pic with his fans, explained the meaning behind it and why it’s important to him.

In the pic, Sidian posed for an up-close shot with his hands clasped together, where his tattoo of an octopus is visible on his right arm.

He captioned his post, “Tattoos are a great source of meaning. So why an octopus ?? I’ve felt connected to this animal for probably over 15 years. I love paradox.”

“For me the octopus is an archetype of multiple paradox. It is powerful but graceful, alien yet beautiful, talented but reclusive, mysterious but inspirational, unique but effective.”

Sidian admitted he loves to ‘stand out’

“I dislike being associated with what is commonplace or mediocre. I love to stand out, to carve my own path and prove new ways of doing things. So I turn to the octopus for a model of these qualities in my own personal mythology.”

Sidian lists his occupation as Founder at MyMythos & MyMythos Kids, per his Linkedin profile, and also carries the titles of author, singer, graphic designer, and personal mythologist.

His Instagram bio reads, “My passion is beliefs and empowering people through them.”

The Idaho resident’s Facebook page lists his other titles as an author at Rolling Thunder, founder at Open Source Religion, and Personal Mythologist at MyMythos.

Sidian was kind enough to donate recently to another Seeking Sister Wife star’s fundraiser

After friends of Christeline Petersen, ex-sister wife of the Snowdens, organized a GoFundMe page for her to regain her life, Sidian was one of the top donors, with a contribution of $135.

Sidian Jones and Christeline Petersen of Seeking Sister Wife on GoFundMe
Sidian was a top contributor to Christeline Petersen’s GoFundMe account. Pic credit: Help Chrissy re-gain her life/GoFundMe

This season on Seeking Sister Wife, viewers learned that Sidian and his wife, Tosha, were looking to re-enter the dating world and hopefully add another sister wife to their plural marriage.

Sidian’s dating life isn’t going exactly how he hoped this season

The couple set up an online dating profile and met a few potential sister wives, but Sidian wasn’t too enthusiastic about his last date, with a woman named Alexandra, after their date ended without a kiss.

Another one of Sidian’s major concerns about Alexandra was that she wasn’t sure she wanted to be a mother, which would pretty much be a requirement for a potential sister wife, as he already has three children from his first marriage.

“I’ve got three kids, two of which live with me, so she would kind of need to have some role with the kids in their lives. So that is concerning,” Sidian told TLC’s cameras in a preview for next week’s episode.

Sidian’s current wife, Tosha, is on board with him dating other women, with the hopes of adding to their polygamous relationship. Tosha had to explain how their plural marriage works to her mother, earlier this season.

Fans will have to tune in next week to find out if Sidian and Tosha can work things out with Alexandra or continue to seek a new sister wife.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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