Seeking Sister Wife: Tosha explains polygamy to her mom in new clip

Tosha Jones of Seeking Sister Wife
Tosha Jones of Seeking Sister Wife. Pic credit: TLC

In a clip for the upcoming second episode of Seeking Sister Wife’s third season, viewers saw Tosha Jones sit down with her mom Teresa to explain polygamy.

Viewers who watched last week’s season opener will remember Tosha as Sidian Jones’ wife. The couple joins some other new cast members this season, including the Merrifields and the Clarks.

Sidian was married to his first (now, ex) wife when he met Tosha. The three began a polygamous relationship, but things didn’t work out as expected, and Sidian’s first wife left the family.

The two graphic designers are living in Idaho raising Sidian’s three children from previous relationships as they seek another wife.

In the clip, Tosha’s mom revealed right off the bat, that she and her daughter Tosha “have an interesting relationship.” She mentioned that they’ve struggled with communication in the past, so she was happy to sit down and chat with her daughter.

The mother-daughter pair sat down and reminisced over childhood pics of Tosha’s. Teresa asked Tosha if she thought, as a little girl, she would ever be looking for a second wife.

Tosha wasn’t sure how much her mom knew about her polyamorous relationship

Teresa claimed that she knew everything, and said she first found out about Tosha’s polyamorous lifestyle a few years ago from her other daughter, Alexis. She admitted that the news was “definitely a shock” to her, as she wasn’t expecting it.

Teresa didn’t waste any time getting to her questions. She asked Tosha, “So, the wives… how many do you want? Just the other one? Two?”

Tosha answered that she and Sidian had never discussed beyond the idea of two wives, but admitted they wanted at least one more wife. Teresa was concerned that Tosha was turning to the Internet to find a potential sister wife, but she confided that she and Sidian mainly use word-of-mouth to spread the news that they’re seeking additional wives.

Tosha’s mom questioned whether she was a member of a cult

Teresa quickly replied, “Well, maybe because they don’t want to join a cult.”

Then she asked Tosha, “Are you a member of a cult?”

Tosha laughed before giving a delayed response of, “No.”

Teresa was curious if Sidian chose to live plural marriage due to religion, but Tosha claimed he did not. Tosha admitted that it’s hard to find a prospective wife who’s open to the idea but not religious about it.

Similarly, another couple on the series, The Snowdens, don’t follow polygamy for religious reasons.

Tosha and Sidian label themselves ‘modern polygamists’

Tosha disclosed that she and Sidian refer to themselves as “modern polygamists.” When Teresa questioned why they have to give their relationship a label, Tosha explained that it makes it easier when searching for new wives.

That way, the potential sister wives know what to expect as far as sex arrangements and the Jones’ rules for dating. Teresa asked whether a potential sister wife would have to like and get along with Tosha as well as Sidian.

Tosha said that ideally, they would have to get along for the relationship to work.

This season, viewers can look forward to watching Sidian and Tosha continue their search for the perfect sister wife to expand their family.

Seeking Sister Wives airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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