Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Tami and Sophie aren’t convinced Colton is attracted to Kimberley

Colton Winder and Kimberley of Seeking Sister Wife
On this week’s episode, Tami and Sophie were concerned that Colton didn’t quite have a spark with potential sister wife, Kimberley. Pic credit: TLC

On this week’s episode of Seeking Sister Wife, Colton Winder’s wives Tami and Sophie are concerned that he may not have enough of a connection with potential sister wife, Kimberley, to make things work.

Kimberley, a teacher and single mom from North Carolina, is a potential sister wife that the Winders met through an online polygamy group.

The Winders took Kimberley to their farm to see how she handled the chores

Since the Winders spend so much time working on their farm, they took Kimberley along with them to get a feel for how she would fit in with the daily chores required on a farm.

Colton’s farm in Utah has been in his family for four generations, and he spends most of his free time there when he’s not working as a pharmacist or spending time with his two wives and two children.

First wife Tami explained that the wives’ role on the farm mainly consists of the smaller chores, like feeding the animals, picking and canning fruit, and all of the other chores that Colton doesn’t have time to do.

If Kimberley were to join their family, she would be expected to actively participate in all of the chores on the farm, and from what she confessed to the cameras, it seemed as though she would be a good fit.

“I don’t think I’m seeing anything in Kimberley so far that I would necessarily think is, like, a red flag that would make me think, like, ‘No, like, there’s no chance.’ You know, she’s legitimately interested in this life, and I feel like she’s got a very kind personality, very sweet towards other people. So, those are a few things I’ve picked up on so far,” Colton confessed.

Tami admitted that Kimberley fit right in, getting her hands dirty on the farm, and helping out as needed. Sophie, on the other hand, had concerns about Kimberley being a good fit for their husband, Colton.

Sophie wasn’t convinced that Kimberley and Colton had enough of a romantic connection for things to work

“However, I’m not sure I can see Kimberley as a good fit to Colton just yet,” Sophie confessed, “At the end of the day, if Colton doesn’t have that romantic-type connection with Kimberley, then she doesn’t make a good sister wife.”

Tami agreed with Sophie’s statement, with a “yes.”

When producers asked Kimberley if she was attracted to Colton and thought he was cute, Kimberley was a bit coy with her answer.

She hesitated before saying, “I, I don’t know… He’s a married man, so I don’t know if I can, you know, talk about him in that way.”

Colton sat down for another solo couch confessional and told cameras, “At this point in the process, I’m not really in a place to say whether or not I feel attracted to Kimberley. She’s very sweet, very kind, but the jury’s still out.”

Kimberley came under attack after viewers criticized her choice of attire for the show, but the Winders sweetly took to their social media account to explain the reasons for her choice to wear a ball cap, explaining that she has a condition that causes her hair to thin.

The Winders recently shared their rules for courting with their followers, since the topic is relevant to their storyline on the show.

Fans of the show can catch up every Monday to find out whether Kimberley ended up working out between Colton, Tami and Sophie, or if they’re on the hunt for another potential sister wife.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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