Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Snowden says Dimitri learned from past mistake, wants no intimacy during courtship

Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Snowden - Dimitri Snowden
Seeking Sister Wife stars Ashley and Dimitri Snowden finally meet Christeline in person. Pic credit: TLC

Dimitri and Ashley Snowden finally came face to face with Christeline after months of virtual courtship. In the latest episode of Seeking Sister Wife, the couple welcomed her at their home, eager to know her better.

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri and Ashley Snowden welcome Christeline to America

Christeline has arrived in America to meet Dimitri and Ashley Snowden officially. The Seeking Sister Wife couple invited her to come over so they can court her in person.

The Snowdens picked her up at the airport, and right off the bat, Christeline finds Dimitri “hot.” The single mom from South Africa is attracted to Ashley’s husband.

The Seeking Sister Wife couple took Christeline to their home in Woodland Hills, California. The property reportedly has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, so there’s plenty of room for Christeline and Tayler (the other potential sister wife.)

Upon their arrival, Ashley and Dimitri’s kids excitedly welcomed Christeline. It seems Christeline will not have a hard time with the couple’s kids as she has children of her own back home.

Her experiences and skills as a mom definitely give her an advantage as the couple has three young children. It’ll be interesting to see how she will interact with them in the future.

Ashley says Christeline will not intimate just yet

Ashley Snowden also revealed that Christeline is getting her own room. The Seeking Sister Wife star said there’s a perfectly good reason why they assigned a room all to herself.

Ashley made it clear that Christeline will not get intimate with Dimitiri during her stay. The reality star said intimacy is something that has to wait until after they decide on who to marry.

And it seems to be a smart move for the Seeking Sister Wife couple. Ashley pointed out that her husband is not planning on repeating the same mistake he did in the past, which continues to haunt him to this day.

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden learned his lesson?

In the same episode, Ashley Snowden claimed her husband, Dimitri, has learned from his past mistake. The Seeking Sister Wife star firmly said there will be no intimacy between her husband and Christeline this early on the relationship.

Ashley added there will be “no sex, no bio-fluids being exchanged” between Dimitri and Christeline. Apparently, the only form of intimacy they can have at this point is kissing and that’s about it.

It seems the “past mistake” Ashley was talking about was when Dimitri “cheated on her” by having untimely sex with the woman they were courting at the time, Jocelyn.

Dimitri and Jocelyn hooked up on their first date, something he admitted wasn’t the right choice. Dimitri eventually confessed about it to Ashley, which she seemed to understand. In the end, the Snowdens claimed the experience helped them grow as a couple.

Seeking Sister Wife airs Mondays on TLC and Discovery+.

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