Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley Snowden bids goodbye to peace and quiet as she returns for Season 3

Seeking Sister Wife: Dimitri Snowden - Ashley Snowden
Seeking Sister Wife star Ashley Snowden with her husband, Dimitri Snowden. Pic credit: @dimitrisnowden/Instagram

Seeking Sister Wife just made a highly-anticipated return for Season 3, and fans are already loving it. Making a comeback as well are Dimitri and Ashley Snowden, whose journey to polygamy continues following their split from Vanessa Cobbs.

The couple has been living a peaceful and private life prior to their big TV comeback. But now, Ashley is bidding goodbye to her peace and quiet, ready to take on the varying opinions of viewers.

Seeking Sister Wife: The Snowdens return for new season

Dimitri and Ashley Snowden are back for another round of Seeking Sister Wife. The couple is giving polygamy another shot after their failed attempt with Vanessa Cobbs.

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This time around, the Snowdens are eyeing two potential wives — Christeline and Tayler. Dimitri and Ashley are still keen on pursuing plural marrriage and hope that one of the ladies will be the one they’re looking for.

The Seeking Sister Wife couple has been looking for an extra wife for about ten years. And while it’s true that some of their family members and friends were not on board with it, they still opted to push through with the lifestyle.

Now, it seems Dimitri and Ashley are close to fulfilling plural marriage once again. The only question is, will it be successful this time around?

Ashley Snowden ready to be in public eye again

Meanwhile, it seems Ashley Snowden is all set to embrace reality TV again and the challenges that come with it. The Seeking Sister Wife star bid goodbye to her peaceful life, which she’s been enjoying since their last season ended.

Dimitri Snowden’s wife is now ready to take on the new season and the criticism she might get again on social media. “I don’t take for granted the peace that has been my timeline for the last (almost) 2 years since the last season of our show finished,” she wrote.

Despite being on Seeking Sister Wife in the past, Ashley is still getting used to the negativity she gets for their polygamous lifestyle. “I know it will be a different culture in my comment section as many folks will be ready to offer unsolicited opinions and reactions to the new season,” she added.

Seeking Sister Wife: Is Ashley ready to share Dimitri again?

Many are now wondering if Ashley Snowden is ready to share Dimitri Snowden again with another wife. The Seeking Sister Wife star has two candidates vying to be the newest addition to their family.

Intimacy is something inevitable between Dimitri and the two ladies — Tayler and Christeline. In the Seeking Sister Wife trailer, Ashley was clearly shocked when she heard about Tayler openly discussing her preferences regarding getting intimate with Dimitri.

She bluntly told Ashley that she wants the “D” in the morning while Christeline can get it at night — seemingly leaving no open slot for Ashley. It seems the TLC star did not expect the said setup. “That’s kind of scary to think about,” Ashley admitted.

All new Seeking Sister Wife airs Mondays on TLC and Discovery+.

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