Sean and Selena called toxic as abusive relationship plays out in 16 & Pregnant premiere

Sean and Selena from 16 & Pregnant
Sean and Selena have a toxic relationship with a lot of drama and a baby on the way. Pic credit: MTV

Viewers met 16-year old’s Sean and Selena during the premiere of 16 & Pregnant, and there was a lot to unpack from their chaotic situation.

They both have been physically abusive towards each other, and Selena accused, and has proof of, Sean cheating throughout her pregnancy.

Their tumultuous situation is only exasperated by their living situation – which is Selena’s families house with 16 other people living in it.

Sean is very close to his mother, Mary, who has a chronic pain disease that has her considering assisted suicide.

Fans of the show were shocked by what they saw on the premiere episode with this couple and reacted to the toxicity they saw.

Viewers voiced their concerns about the abusive nature of Selena and Sean’s relationship, with the consideration that they have been together since middle school for a total of five years together.

16 & Pregnant viewers react to Sean and Selena

Selena’s brother, Ricky, loves his little sister almost like a daughter since he helped raise her. He was willing to have them move in with him once the baby was born, but he made it clear that he would hold Sean accountable, which Sean does not like. Viewers like Ricky’s intentions but also hope that he does the same for Selena.

Fans were also shocked by how immature and irresponsible both were when they admitted they never set up a cardiologist appointment for their baby who has a heart murmur.

Viewers are also wondering if they are even in school. Neither mentioned their education amidst the drama, and Sean stopped going to work after the baby was born because he “has places to go and people to see.”

The root of their issues is deep

Sean and Selena are in overwhelming situations, and their volatile characters and bad decisions are only putting them in an even worse place.

Sean’s mom and Selena’s family make a lot of excuses for their bad behavior, which makes their vicious cycle of toxicity continue.

Selena’s mom says it’s “babies having babies.” Both of their attitudes and mentalities about parenthood are vastly immature. They both threaten each other with taking the baby away from one another if they break up.

It is clear that neither knows how to effectively communicate and there are a lot of ultimatums thrown around. Viewers sincerely hope that they can get their adult lives together, come to an agreement, and start doing what is best for their daughter.

16 & Pregnant airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on MTV

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