Ryan from Teen Mom OG: Why he was arrested and how long he spent in prison

Ryan Edwards and wife Mackenzie Standifer
Ryan Edwards and wife Mackenzie Standifer rekindle their relationship after his release from prison. Pic credit: MTV

During last night’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Ryan Edwards was finally released from prison. As previously revealed on Teen Mom OG, Ryan had been arrested after he left a bar without paying his $36 tab.

It seemed like a small mistake to make, but given Ryan’s previous arrests and issues with drugs, he was given a 90-day jail sentence.

We’ve previously covered the arrest, which happened during the two-hour Teen Mom OG premiere, where he spent the first hour talking about how proud and happy he was to have completed his rehab treatment. During the show’s second hour, he was arrested and thrown in jail.

When Ryan finally returned home, he didn’t seem like himself. Mackenzie Standifer, his wife, revealed that she didn’t expect him to be chatty about his experience.

Ryan wasn’t open to talking to MTV about his time behind bars, and Mackenzie revealed that her husband was in a bad place. He had apparently watched one of his friends get knifed to death, with his buddy getting stabbed 10 times before Ryan watched him die.

“He won’t leave the house. It’s just classic anxiety…it’s sad to watch somebody go through all of this,” Mackenzie later explained about Ryan’s behavior after prison.

Maci Bookout had told her mother that she hoped Ryan would have a conversation with their son Bentley about his issues, ideally apologizing to him for getting locked up and having to go to treatment. But it doesn’t sound like she got her wish as Ryan appears to be struggling more after his time in jail.

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