Ryan Edwards refutes claims he relapsed after Maci and Taylor allege he’s not sober, says he’s ‘exhausted’

Taylor and Maci McKinney and Ryan Edwards of Teen Mom OG
Ryan Edwards denied he relapsed after Maci and Taylor speculate he has. Pic credit: MTV

During part one of the Teen Mom OG reunion, Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney told Dr. Drew that they didn’t believe Ryan was sober. Now, Ryan has spoken out, disputing their claims and alleging that he’s just “exhausted.”

On Tuesday night’s drama-filled reunion episode, Dr. Drew talked with Maci and Taylor about Bentley’s biological father, Ryan Edwards.

When Dr. Drew asked the couple if they thought Ryan was sober, Taylor answered first.

“No, I don’t,” Maci’s husband of nearly five years told the show’s host.

Maci answered, “I don’t think. I don’t know for a fact.”

Taylor elaborated on his answer, saying, “Again this is our opinion, but it’s based off when he shows up to something or when you see him sitting there in a scene, and he can’t hardly hold his eyes open…that’s not a place that I feel safe to send our son with that guy.”

Ryan Edwards maintains his sobriety

Ryan has a long history of substance abuse, namely opiates, hooked on heroin for a while, and spent time in rehab and jail.

In another interview with The Sun, Ryan explained his side of the story, and claimed he hasn’t relapsed on drugs.

“I can see why he made the comment, but really I was just exhausted 99 percent of the time. Staying up all night then helping Mackenzie with kids in the day. That’s in between going back to the garage building my buggy to try and get it done for King of the Hammers off-road race.”

Ryan claimed that he is extremely busy

“There were many nights I would work so long. I would just sit down for 15-20 min in the shop and nap for that long, and get back to it. Imagine hand-building and fabricating everything you see on a car by yourself in a little less than a year. COVID [sic] ended up getting in the way too much, and I didn’t get it done in time, but we will get there next year!” the 33-year-old father of three told the site.

Ryan chose not to attend the reunion, but he was certainly the center of attention during Maci’s segment.

Dr. Drew tried to intervene when things blew up between Taylor and Ryan’s dad, Larry. The two faced off when Larry became enraged that Taylor and Maci thought he would put Bentley in an “unsafe situation.”

Dr. Drew reminded the group that they weren’t putting Bentley ahead of their feelings, but the feud continued to escalate.

Taylor got the last word on part one of the reunion, telling Larry, “Put the kid first! Stop putting that sorry excuse of a human being first!” before cameras cut with a message that read, “To be continued…”

After the reunion, Ryan spoke out against Taylor, and told The Sun, “I think Taylor is a punk b***h.”

Ryan gave his reason why he thinks Taylor acted the way he did, saying, “People do that because they feel incompetent, threatened or less than whatever makes him feel that way. He could be like my one-year-old that does stuff like that for attention.”

Ryan told The Sun that getting fired from Teen Mom was a “blessing in disguise.”

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