Rupaul’s Drag Race: Why Trixie Mattel is ‘calling the police’ on Kylie Jenner after her recent makeup launch

Trixie Mattel and Kylie Jenner posing in two different Instagram photos.
Trixie Mattel’s fans said Kylie Jenner ‘can’t replace the original.’ Pic credit: @trixiemattel/Instagram, @kyliejenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner may have ignited a feud with Trixie Mattel after announcing new Kylie Cosmetics products. 

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum recently displayed her Valentine’s Day-inspired makeup line via Instagram. Although Jenner received praise from her friends and family online, some fans didn’t enjoy how similar the line looks to her past products. As Monsters and Critics previously shared, several Twitter users accused Stormi Webster’s mom of “repackaging” the same items. 

After seeing her announcement, Mattel pointed out that Jenner’s recent packaging looks a lot like her line, Trixie Cosmetics. Here’s how the Rupaul’s Drag Race winner reacted on Instagram. 

Trixie Mattel released an Instagram video after Kylie Jenner flaunted her Kylie Cosmetics products

Earlier this week, Jenner posted several photos of her Valentine’s Day cosmetics on her main and business Instagram accounts. In the images, fans saw the entire line, including heart-shaped lip balms, eye makeup palettes, and red and pink packaging. In a caption describing the launch, Kylie Cosmetics’ Instagram page said the collection was the first 2022. 

During her announcement, Jenner also showed off different colors from the line. Once Mattel caught wind of the photos, she shared an Instagram video of herself putting on lipstick from Trixie Cosmetics.

As she applied the product, the theme music from the X-Files played in the Instagram video while it displayed Jenner’s line in the background. Mattel looked stunned and confused in the post and called out the mogul in her caption.

“Kylie I’m calling the police,” Mattel wrote. 

Trixie Mattel’s fans support the Rupaul’s Drag Race star’s claims against Jenner

Mattel took another shot at Jenner through Trixie Cosmetics’ Instagram page. On Wednesday, she posted three photos of her lip gloss collection. On each item, the cap was heart-shaped and had the letter “T” on it. Underneath the display, Mattel seemingly poked fun at Jenner’s alleged attempt to copy her in the post’s caption. 

“Make sure you’re ??????? ?? ???? Trixie Cosmetics by giving us a follow,” the post read. 

Many Rupaul’s Drag Race fans agreed with Mattel’s accusation. Following her post, several commenters stated that, although Jenner directly stole from the performer, Mattel has the better product. 

An Insragram user discussing Kylie Cosmetics and Trixie Mattel's makeup line.
Pic credit: @blissful.wanderer/Instagram

“Nothing can replace the original,” one commenter said. 

A commenter discussing Trixie Cosmetics and Kylie Cosmetics.
Pic credit: @rachelholguin/Instagram

“Called it,” another mentioned of the similarities. “Much better products than Kylie Cosmetics anyway love you, Trixie!!!”

Jenner hasn’t responded to Mattel’s claims. Since launching Kylie Cosmetics in 2016, she’s received several accusations of stealing from other makeup lines. In 2018, TMZ reported that Sheree Cosmetics filed a lawsuit against Jenner for allegedly ripping off the brand’s Born to Sparkle collection. During her birthday launch, the beauty mogul reportedly added several items under the Born to Sparkle campaign.

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