Riley Christian reveals if he has any Bachelor in Paradise regrets  

Riley Christian
Riley Christian gives an update on how he’s doing after Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Riley Christian has been quite active since appearing on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, both in the gym and in his career.

Among the forward movement in his life, Riley also experienced a breakup with BIP ex-fiancee Maurissa Gunn.

Fans have been curious about how Riley has been coping since the unfortunate split, and he gave an update on his well-being and spoke on regrets surrounding Bachelor in Paradise.

Riley Christian answers question about having regrets after Bachelor in Paradise

Riley Christian has been vocal about his penchant for special Sundays, and on a recent Sunday, the Bachelor Nation star allowed fans to ask him questions. 

Riley wrote, “Sunday questions? Talk to me.” 

One of Riley’s followers took the opportunity to ask about Riley’s feelings post-BIP and asked, “Any BIP regrets?”

While petting his new dog, Riley confidently and calmly answered, “No. Not at all. Um, BIP was great. Had a lot of fun. Um, no regrets.” 

Riley Christian's Instagram story
Pic credit: @rileydchristian/Instagram

Overall, Riley and Maurissa have kept relatively private when it comes to addressing their split, as it appears the two desired to amicably part ways. 

Before their breakup was confirmed, Riley and Maurissa had posted their share of cryptic messages online that hinted there was trouble in paradise. However, the exact causes of their split are still not explicitly known. 

While they were together, Riley and Maurissa made history and were one of Bachelor Nations’ most beloved couples, with many rooting for them to go the distance. 

Fans were devastated to learn of their split, but both Riley and Maurissa have appeared determined to remain in good spirits after going their separate ways. 

Riley Christian says he’s doing ‘good’ 

One of Riley’s fans simply wanted to know how he was doing during his Sunday Q&A. 

Despite the split from his fiancee, Riley answered, “Um, I’m good. Um, some days are better than others, but overall I’m good. So appreciate you.” 

Riley Christian's Instagram story
Pic credit: @rileydchristian/Instagram

While Riley and Maurissa are no longer together, Riley is still connected with several members of Bachelor Nation. 

Riley found a workout partner in The Bachelor Season 18 star Olumide Onajide and the buff men often share intense videos from their gym sessions. 

Other Bachelor Nation stars have joined Riley and Olu in the gym, including the most recent Bachelor, Clayton Echard. 

Riley has also found companionship in his adorable new dog Roscoe, and there’s sure to be lots more good in store for the BIP star. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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