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RHOSLC: Whitney Rose says Jen Shah and Lisa Barlow had a plan to come after her in Vegas

Whitney Rose suspects that Jen Shah and Lisa Barlow were conspiring against her.
Whitney Rose suspects that Jen Shah and Lisa Barlow were conspiring against her. Pic credit: Bravo.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Whitney Rose suspects that her costars Jen Shah and Lisa Barlow teamed up to take her down during the girls’ trip to Las Vegas.

Whitney appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Gina Kirschenheiter on Wednesday, following the last back-to-back night of RHOC and RHOSLC.

Andy Cohen asked Whitney why she thought Jen got so upset by her and Lisa reconciling in Vegas.

“I think that Jen and Lisa had a masterplan to come after me in Vegas,” Whitney revealed. “As you see, Jen tipped that off to me that Lisa was going to come after but Jen would have my back. And when we walked into the dinner and Lisa said that she had made up with me, I think it triggered Jen because…the plan was changed and she didn’t know what to do.”

Whitney then pointed out that Jen attempted to find a reason to stay mad at Whitney and justify her outburst during the dinner.

“If you re-watch it, you’ll start noticing that Jen just gets really hyper-focused on, ‘Someone’s lying. Someone’s lying. Whitney’s lying,'” Whitney observed. “I wasn’t lying about anything.”

RHOC star Gina posed a different theory as to why Jen went off on Whitney in Las Vegas.

“I think that Jen was upset that you got off easy,” Gina chimed in. “I think Jen was like, ‘Ok, I accept your apology,’ but she wanted you to have a punishment because it affected her life. And when you didn’t even get punished, she got pissed.”

Whichever theory is correct, if not both, Jen made it clear that Whitney was not off the hook after bringing up a rumor during Coach Shah’s surprise party.

How Las Vegas changed the RHOSLC group dynamic

Going into Las Vegas, essentially everyone was upset with Whitney after bringing up Mary Cosby’s rumor that Meredith Marks and Lisa are afraid of Jen.

However, the events that transpired during the girls’ trip completely flipped the dynamic.

Whitney apologized to Meredith and Lisa during an excursion to the race track, and they genuinely accepted her apology. Meanwhile, Jen expressed to Heather Gay that she has only gotten angrier with Whitney over time.

The women regrouped for dinner where the drama went down. Lisa told Jen that she and Meredith forgave Whitney. According to Whitney, this completely derailed Jen’s alleged plan to join forces with Lisa and come after Whitney, which sent Jen herself off the rails.

By the time Whitney and Heather joined the dinner, Jen was fuming and lashed out at both of them even hitting Heather.

Nobody trusts Jen after her meltdown

The day after Jen’s meltdown, the women visited a hypnotist who offered to help them resolve their issues.

After hearing a fair share of the drama, she encouraged the women to reveal where their trust lies.

When the hypnotist asked who doesn’t trust Jen, all of the women raised their hands.

Afterwards, Jen raised her hand to indicate that she doesn’t trust Heather.

Viewers will have to see if Jen can make amends with the women during the season finale.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City finale airs on Wednesday, February 3 at 10/9c on Bravo.