RHONY exclusive: Elyse Slaine clears the record about that apartment and why Donald Drapkin’s name was ever on it

Elyse Slaine sets record straight
Elyse Slaine set the record straight about the apartment and Donald Drapkin. Pic credit: @elyseslaine/Instagram

Elyse Slaine has set the record straight. She is a new friend on the Real Housewives of New York City. So, of course, fans are starting to dig up her past.

After Elyse got divorced from ex-husband and FBI informant David Slaine, she dated Donald Drapkin. Donald was a Wall Street veteran who sadly died at the age of 67 after a skiing accident.

Many stories discuss issues Elyse had with an apartment and Donald’s children after he passed away. She gave us all of the exclusive details.

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Elyse sets the record straight about the apartment in regards to ex Donald Drapkin

Elyse wants fans to know that she paid for 100% of the apartment she shared with Donald. They were purchasing the apartment together but unfortunately broke up just days before closing.

Purchasing a home is very stressful, and “time was of the essence.” She had to close by that particular date, and the co-op board could not get Donald’s name off the document in time.

Elyse said that she and Donald had an agreement that she paid for the apartment in full. He had zero rights and zero ownership, she said.

Elyse continued, “I had power of attorney, and could call the shares back, which were in his name in nominee status only, as soon as the coop board approved. Unfortunately, Don passed away before the transfer was done.”

She said she proved to his children that she paid for the apartment in full, and Donald did not own it in any way. However, she said, “they tried to get me to pay them several hundred thousand dollars to sign it over. After waiting a full year, I sued the estate.”

The whole ordeal ended in Elyse’s favor

Luckily the situation ended quickly. Within just two days, the children agreed to sign the shares over and paid her legal fees in full. The case was settled in Elyse’s favor.

Also, she would like to set the record straight about the housekeeper that sued her in 2014. Elyse filed a lawsuit against Marichu de Sesto after she stole about $50,000. You can read the entire case here to get the full picture.

Thank you, Elyse, for updating fans with your story. Continue to see more of Elyse on this season of RHONY.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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