RHONJ star Jennifer Aydin just bought her teenage son a stripper pole

jennifer aydin
RHONJ star Jennifer Aydin said yes when her son asked for a stripper pole for the basement of their home. Pic credit: @jenniferaydin/Instagram

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jennifer Aydin bought her teenage son a stripper pole.

Page Six reported that Jennifer she may have been on autopilot when she said yes to this particular request.

“My son just got a stripper pole,” Jennifer said.

“We’ve got a stripper pole in the basement. He was like ‘mom can I get a stripper pole’ and I was like ‘you know, sometimes I just say yes, I’m on autopilot,'” she admitted.

“My kids ask me permission for everything I have to say. They do not purchase anything without my permission. They do not eat any sweets or treats or ice cream without my permission. They literally call me and ask me for everything,” Jennifer claimed of her parenting style.

Jennifer revealed she said yes to the pole and was pleasantly surprised about the addition to her home.

“It came in and they set it up, honestly its a good workout,” she laughed of utilizing the odd item for exercise.

Jennifer said that she has found it to be a ‘super-fun’ addition to her home

Jennifer remarked that she believes the pole has been a “super-fun” addition to the casual basement area where her children and their friends hang out when they visit the Aydin home.

“I’m seeing Justin climb up on it, and do an upside-down twist. Gabby had some friends over one night and they all played around on it, twisting and doing tricks. It’s like super fun,” Jennifer claimed.

“I know there’s like a stigma with it but I think its really fun,” she admitted.

Jennifer hopes they’ll show it, ‘if I’m on the show next season’

Jennifer revealed that she is hopeful the pole will make an appearance on the next season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey if she is asked to participate in her third season as a cast member.

She told Page Six, “If I’m on the show next season maybe they’ll showcase that.”

Jennifer also admitted that she does not mind the intrusion of cameras in her home when she is in the midst of filming for the Bravo reality series.

“I’m used to the cameras. I am so used to them that I wish they were here all the time. Something happens and I’m like ‘damn I wish that was on camera!'” she revealed.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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