RHONJ spoiler: Margaret Josephs calls Jennifer Aydin ‘a sloppy drunk’ during confrontation at the Jersey Shore

RHONJ star Margaret Josephs calls Jennifer Aydin a sloppy drunk
Jennifer Aydin faces off with Margaret Josephs in upcoming episode. Pic credit: Bravo

The upcoming episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey promises to be another exciting one.

We’ll witness an epic confrontation between Margaret Josephs and Jennifer Aydin, and it all stemmed from last week’s dinner down by the Jersey Shore.

Things were starting to settle down after the women got caught up in the drama between Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider.

Jackie took a short hiatus from the group after Teresa accused her husband of cheating.

However, she rejoined the cast last week for some fun and relaxation by the shore.

Unfortunately, the drama kicked off during their first dinner together, and based on the upcoming clip there’s more to come.

Jennifer Aydin says Margaret talks down to her husband

Jennifer Aydin spilled some tea during her journey to the Jersey Shore that resuscitated the cheating rumors.

She claimed that Margaret’s husband, Joe Benigno said he had also heard the cheating rumor that Teresa around town, and since the OG wanted validation, Teresa brought up the topic during dinner.

Margaret was clearly upset with her husband for making the claim, but she was even more upset with Jennifer for spilling the tea.

In a scene that will play out in the upcoming episode, things are still very tense between the two Jersey Housewives.

“I mean I just thought the way that you treated your husband last night that was embarrassing,” commented Jennifer. “You talk so down to him.”

She was referring to the moment when Margaret angrily confronted her husband about what he had said regarding the rumor.

However, he denied that he had heard any such thing around town.

Margaret calls Jennifer a sloppy drunk

As the Real Housewives of New Jersey stars continued their conversation about what happened the previous night, things got more heated.

Margaret did not take too well to Jennifer saying that she talks down to her husband.

“Let me f***ing tell you something…” retorted Margaret. “Don’t ever get in between myself and my husband.”

She continued, “The way you behave in front of your husband. You embarrass your entire family. I think you are a sloppy drunk. That’s the way you wanna behave and you think that’s upstanding behavior.”

However, Jennifer didn’t take the “sloppy” comment too lightly.

“You’ve told us sloppy moments that you’ve had,” said the mom-of-five. “You slept with your boss.”

The remark left the other Housewives shocked and Margaret angrily got up from the table and called Jennifer “a douchebag.”

During her confessional, Margaret had more to say about her castmate’s comment.

Sleeping with my boss was not a sloppy moment,” noted the 53-year-old. “It was an older man in a position of power taking advantage of me, a young girl.”

The confrontation between Jennifer and Margaret will continue to play out in the upcoming episode of RHONJ.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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