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RHONJ: Joe Giudice is ‘hurt’ and ‘bothered’ after Joe Gorga suggested he had something to do with his mother’s death

Joe Giudice on an episode of WWHL
Joe Giudice was ‘hurt’ and ‘bothered’ by a comment Joe Gorga made this season on RHONJ. Pic credit: Bravo

The Giudice and Gorga families have been through a lot over the last few years and many of their troubles have aired on different seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Teresa and Joe Giudice both did separate stints in prison and went through a divorce after Joe was deported to Italy.

Teresa and her brother Joe Gorga lost both of their parents within a few years of each other and have struggled with the loss of such influential people in both of their lives.

Teresa has had a rocky relationship with her brother Joe and his wife Melissa Gorga, but the tragedy and loss the families have struggled with have brought them closer together.

While their relationship seems to be in a better place, they still have differing views when it comes to certain situations.

While Joe Gorga hasn’t always gotten along with Joe Giudice, he made a comment while filming the current season that “bothered” his former brother-in-law.

Joe Giudice recently opened up about his hurt feelings and the depression he has dealt with as a result of the events that have transpired over the last few years.

Joe Giudice is ‘hurt’ and ‘bothered’ by what Joe Gorga said about him

In a preview of what’s to come later this season on RHONJ, an argument was shown that involved Joe Gorga and Teresa.

During the argument, Joe threw a dish and said to Teresa, “You gonna defend him [Joe Giudice]? F**k that piece of sh*t! He put my mother in a f***ing grave! You understand that?!”

It’s still unclear what prompted the blow out, but Joe Giudice was upset after he saw the preview.

He told Celebuzz, “What put me over the edge was Joe Gorga stating/alluding that I contributed to killing his (and Teresa’s) Mom. Those words hurt, I know I didn’t do it, but I cared for her a lot and it bothered me that they aired it. I don’t want people to think I’m a killer, I made mistakes but not that.”

Teresa’s mother passed away in 2017 from pneumonia and her father died from complications from the same condition last year. The loss of both of their parents took a toll on Teresa and Joe Gorga and was especially hard for their children and families.

Joe Giudice has dealt with depression

Not only did Joe Giudice open up about how bothered he was by Joe Gorga’s words, but he also shared that he had been battling depression as a result of everything he’d been through the last few years.

He said, “I have been suffering from depression since everything that has happened to me. It’s been a lot to deal with the past few years – going away, having to leave the country (and more importantly my daughters), my marriage of over 20 years ending…and then the coronavirus on top of it which separated me from my daughters for so long. I am so thrilled to be reunited with my girls right now and really needed them.”

Joe recently reunited with his daughters while on a trip to the Bahamas and he was relieved to spend quality time with his girls.

He said, “I thought I was wrong but I really can’t do this thing called life without them. My depression has been taking over and seeing them has really helped to reground me and start to heal all of the trauma and pain I have been dealing with.”

Joe admitted that he hasn’t always made the best decisions but said he’s looking forward to the future.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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