RHONJ: Jackie Goldschneider finally gets apology from Teresa Giudice for rumor that Evan was cheating

Jackie Goldschneider and Teresa Giudice on RHONJ
Teresa Giudice finally apologized to Jackie Goldschneider for spreading cheating rumors about her husband Pic credit: Bravo

After remaining stubborn for several episodes, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice finally apologized to Jackie Goldschneider for spreading cheating rumors about her husband.

During a weekend trip away in the most recent episode, Joe Gorga was finally able to get through to Teresa and convince her that she needed to put the entire ordeal to rest.

Jackie was visibly shaken and defeated from battling with the allegations nonstop.

The other housewives noted how awful it was to see Jackie so broken and they couldn’t stand watching her cry anymore.

Dolores Catania reminded Teresa that while she is strong-willed and a fighter, she is also someone with a big heart who doesn’t like to see other people hurting. She pointed out that Jackie was in a lot of pain and it was best to finally put an end to it.

Teresa decided to do just that and apologized to Jackie and to her husband Evan Goldschneider.

Teresa apologizes to Jackie and Evan

The morning after an explosive dinner party, Teresa decided to swallow her pride and apologize to Jackie for the pain she had caused her.

She said, “So just, can we just drop everything?”

Jackie replied and said, “I would like that, I just want it to all be done. But do not bring up my husband anymore.” 

Teresa promised that it was over and she would never bring the rumor up again. Although she was slightly uncomfortable having the same type of conversation with someone’s husband, Teresa also approached Evan with similar sentiments.

She said to Evan, “Sorry about like, you know, like everything that went down, and I never want to do anything to hurt you guys in any way.”

Teresa told both of them that she was happy they were there. Evan was ready to put everything behind them and move forward.

Afterward, Joe told Teresa that he was proud of her for apologizing and reminded her that she did the right thing.

Teresa responded, “I always do the right thing.”

Joe Gorga motivated Teresa to apologize

While the rest of the housewives had tried for several weeks to convince Teresa to apologize to Jackie, it was her brother Joe who was able to convince her it was the right thing to do.

During a confessional interview, Teresa admitted, “My brother asked me to make it right, so I did.”

After getting into an argument themselves, Joe reminded Teresa that she was all he had for family aside from his wife and kids. Both Teresa and Joe’s parents passed away within the last few years and the family had been struggling with the loss of such impactful people in their lives.

Joe insisted that it was a good idea to put the entire thing to rest, and reminded her that they had a memorial for their father the following day. He told Teresa that it would be better to enjoy the day without any drama and that she’d feel better once the entire thing was over.

Now that Teresa has apologized for spreading the cheating rumors about Evan, could the drama between her and Jackie be over once and for all?

Fans can tune in to new episodes of RHONJ to see if the turmoil between Teresa and Jackie has finally come to an end.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo,

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