RHONJ fans think Bill Aydin is the best husband in all the housewives franchises

Bill Aydin on RHONJ
RHONJ fans have deemed Bill Aydin as their favorite husband Pic credit: Bravo

Bill Aydin is the best husband in all of the housewives franchises according to fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Fans have watched this season as Bill has spoiled his wife Jennifer Aydin and treated her well. During the season finale, he proposed to Jennifer and gave her a huge rock complete with a yellow diamond.

Bill pampers his wife so much that when he appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen recently, he joked that his tagline for a house husband’s spinoff would be, “I’m the only Bill my wife is responsible for.”

Bill has vocalized that since Jennifer raises their five children, she deserves the world, and he’s given her everything she’s ever wanted.

Aside from spoiling his wife, Bill has been known to take care of her when she’s had a few too many drinks, and he always has her back when it comes to drama.

Following last night’s season finale, RHONJ fans took to social media to profess their love for Bill, and they deemed him the best husband out of all of the housewives franchises.

RHONJ fans think Bill Aydin is the best husband in all of the housewives franchises

RHONJ fans took to Twitter to share their adoration for Bill.

One fan shared a snapshot of Bill dressed as Prince at Margaret Josephs’ Halloween bash with the caption, “Bill Aydin is the best Jersey husband and it’s not even close!”

Others agreed and felt he was the best husband of all time.

Another fan admitted that they’ve fallen in love with Bill more and more as the season progressed, so they can only imagine how his wife feels about him.

During the finale episode, Joe Gorga was complaining about the women for saying he was chauvinistic. Bill chimed in with some advice for him and insisted that he needed to listen when the women had something to say.

The way Bill stuck up for the women won even more of the RHONJ fans over.

RHONJ fans wish the husbands had their own show

While Andy Cohen joked about what the husbands’ taglines would be if they did have their own spinoff, many fans felt that it would be a hit if it actually happened.

Fans have been vocal on social media about their love for the Jersey husbands who make several appearances alongside their wives.

The men are often shown enjoying each other’s company at boys’ nights, and are always good for some entertainment and a laugh.

Even when their wives are at each other’s throats, the husbands seem to maintain their cool, and fans have grown to love watching them every week.

While Bill Aydin seems to be the RHONJ fan favorite as of right now, it’s pretty clear how they feel about the Jersey husbands in general.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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