RHONJ fans speculate that Melissa and Joe Gorga’s argument was staged

Melissa and Joe Gorga on RHONJ
The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans think Melissa and Joe Gorga could be faking their marital issues for the sake of a storyline Pic credit: Bravo

Melissa and Joe Gorga got into a heated disagreement during the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and fans are questioning whether it was the real deal.

Melissa has gained more independence from Joe in the last few years as she opened up her own clothing store, Envy, and started working outside of their home.

Joe has maintained a very old-school perspective on a wife’s role and has said that he wanted Melissa to stay home and take care of the kids. He said he loved their marriage because it reminded him of his parents.

While Melissa was happy to stay home while her kids were younger, now that they are older, she’s enjoying having a purpose and getting up to go to work regularly.

On the recent episode of RHONJ, Joe became frustrated with Melissa because she didn’t wait for him when walking out of the restaurant they were at. They got into the car, and he proceeded to tell her that she’d changed and alluded to her not caring about him or their relationship.

Melissa referred to Joe as “spoiled” and felt he was being ridiculous.

Following the argument, several RHONJ fans took to social media to question whether the entire argument was staged.

RHONJ fans wonder if Melissa and Joe Gorga’s fight was staged

Many RHONJ fans took to social media to state their opinion that Melissa and Joe scripted their fight for the sake of a storyline.

Some fans accused Melissa and Joe of faking their marital problems.

Others referenced their acting skills and one even alluded that their argument put them to sleep.

A fan thinks Joe and Melissa were acting during their fight
A fan thinks Joe and Melissa were acting during their fight Pic credit: @FfionWeston21/Twitter

One fan mentioned that while he thought their storyline could be fake, he did think that Joe’s frustration with Melissa was real.

A fan thinks their may be some truth to Joe's frustration
A fan thinks their may be some truth to Joe’s frustration Pic credit: @ry_b25/Twitter

Melissa reacts to allegations that her storylines are fake

Prior to her argument with Joe, fans made allegations that most of Melissa’s storylines were created just for the show.

During an interview with ET, Melissa defended herself against the rumors and said, “Like, it’s so real. It’s frustrating for me if people say that. First of all, Bravo is not down with that. [If] you start doing any of that, you’re gone. You know? They are not down with that.”

In regard to her marriage, Melissa said, “Listen, I’ve been on reality TV since — I was only married for four years before I had been on TV. I don’t think everyone understands, like, almost my whole married life I’m on reality TV. I’m definitely at a point where I’m busier that I’ve ever been.”

Throughout the years, Melissa and Joe have presented as a strong couple and to see them having issues is surprising to fans.

Fans can tune in to future episodes of RHONJ to find out if they are able to work through their differences.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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