RHONJ fans say cast icing out Teresa Giudice caused massive ratings drop

Teresa Giudice on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
Teresa Giudice being iced out is to blame for lower RHONJ, fans complain. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is airing one of its most polarizing seasons ever, and it may turn into a test of whether Bravo is willing to continue with the show in its current form.

Teresa Giudice, the only original cast member still on the long-running series, has many enemies, including Margaret Josephs, Rachel Fuda, and sister-in-law Melissa Gorga.

As a result, she’s been sidelined throughout the first three episodes of RHONJ Season 14 because cast members are inviting her to few events.

While the show hasn’t been stellar for a few seasons, viewers are starting to bail on the once-hot reality series.

Sunday’s newest episode logged just 699,000 total viewers.

For comparison purposes, the premiere earlier this month had 837,000 viewers, while the second episode had 740,000 viewers.

RHONJ’s numbers are concerning

The numbers are usually the best measure of how fans view a show’s state, and the steady decline indicates that changes need to be made to sustain interest.

One RHONJ speaks out about the state of the show.
A RHONJ fan thinks the cast icing out Teresa Giudice has impacted the show. Pic credit: @MikeyTBH/X

One fan claimed that the cast members trying to “ice out Teresa” are to blame for the numbers.

Indeed, many stars talk about Teresa in every scene but refuse to share the screen with her, making the show feel somewhat disjointed.

Another fan believed it was due to the show’s increased focus on the Fuda family.

The first few episodes focused on Rachel and John Fuda’s reaction to Teresa bringing up their past while the cameras filmed it. They thought she was discrediting him.

Rachel also told Jenn Fessler she had to choose between her and Teresa, indicating that their friendship hinged on her decision.

Another fan pointed out that the show needed to get rid of Melissa and Margaret because the drama had “run its course.”

Despite fan criticism and the continued ratings erosion, more people may now be watching the show on Peacock.

RHONJ is headed for a revamp

With the on-air viewership dropping, there’s a chance more people will watch after the airdate because they may no longer consider RHONJ to be appointment TV.

Bravo will undoubtedly release figures in the coming weeks to confirm or deny the show is pulling in substantial numbers on Peacock.

Either way, producers must be bracing for big changes because RHONJ cannot continue with a divided cast.

Jenn Fessler has the potential to be a focal cast member because she tries to get along with everyone and tries not to pick sides.

Beyond that, many cast members will probably be let go as the show is poised to revamp for Season 15.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Bravo on Sundays at 8/7c. Stream Seasons 1-14 on Peacock.

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2 months ago

My favs are Teresa, Dolores, Jenn Anglin and Jackie. The Fudas are annoying and Margaret is a troublemaker.

Bairefoot Beverly
Bairefoot Beverly
2 months ago

Get rid of Teresa I’m so tired of her we need something different revamp New Jersey like they did New York

1 month ago

Please get rid of theresa

1 month ago

Stop watching the show because of Theresa and Loui they are disgusting and very toxic