Jenn Fessler should be the focal cast member of RHONJ

Jenn Fessler on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
Jenn Fessler deserves much more screen time. Pic credit: Bravo

Through three episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14, Jenn Fessler is emerging as the main attraction.

It’s surprising that for the last two seasons, she’s been a friend of the housewives instead of a full-time cast member.

Fessler is one of the few cast members who is not taking sides in Rachel Fuda’s ongoing feud with Teresa Giudice.

Fuda has been vocal about Fessler having to pick a side, and Sunday’s newest episode found the former going a bit too far in her attempt to keep her friend away from Giudice.

While many cast members turn against Giudice because the majority wants them to, Fessler is unafraid to go against her friends, including Margaret Josephs.

While the other women have been hurling insults at each other so far on RHONJ Season 14, Fessler has been sitting back and enjoying the ride, which brings an element of authenticity to her storyline.

Jenn Fessler is immersed in many storylines

With her birthday bash serving as the season premiere’s big event and her about to become embroiled in feuds with some of her closest allies, it’s disconcerting that she wasn’t promoted to a full-time cast member before the season debuted.

Jenn provides excellent commentary in confessionals and captivates viewers with her differing viewpoints on some of the show’s biggest storylines.

Dolores Catania is well-known for playing Switzerland amid the simmering tension between her fellow cast members, but Fessler manages to play the role easily, rarely getting upset about the drama between the two warring sides of the cast.

Away from the shifting dynamics between her fellow cast members, Fessler also leads an exciting life that makes more scenes vital.

Given her ability to take control of conversations and allow each cast member to feel heard, the show could benefit from reworking the cast around her.

The tired drama between Melissa Gorga and Giudice is not interesting, and if the rumors are true, producers are tired of it. Filming ended early before the second cast trip.

Jenn Fessler could lead a new cast of the show

The two sides practically refuse to acknowledge each other, making filming a logistical nightmare.

Fessler strikes me as the kind of person who has many friends she could introduce on the show.

In the past, friends of the housewives have struggled when promoted to full-time cast members across the franchise, but Fessler is well-connected and grounded in reality, which should make her a likely candidate to flourish as the central cast member.

Given the strong initial ratings for RHONJ Season 14, it’s hard to believe producers will make many changes for next season, but one of the most notable would be giving Fessler a much bigger platform.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Bravo on Sundays at 8/7c. Stream Seasons 1-14 on Peacock.

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Jersey Girl
Jersey Girl
1 month ago

I love Jen Fessler! Make her and Jackie regulars, please!!!!!