RHONJ: Dolores Catania doesn’t know if boyfriend David is her forever person

RHONJ star Dolores Catania.
Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania says she’s unsure if her boyfriend, David, is her forever person and says she enjoys her freedom. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania has made it clear that she’s a free-spirited woman who isn’t sure that she ever wants to be tied down in marriage again. Dolores and her boyfriend, David Principe, have been conversation starters season after season due to their unconventional relationship. Although they’ve been together for years, they’ve yet to take a step towards marriage and still choose to live separately.

With the kickoff of Season 11, Dolores and David’s relationship is back in the spotlight and after walking out during a disagreement in the first episode, fans watch as Dolores sits down with her mother to talk about David and his character. If Dolores has been anything during the couple’s time on the show, it’s consistent. She is always quick to step up in David’s defense.

Recently, Dolores sat down with the ladies of Access Hollywood’s Housewives Nightcap to talk about what’s been going so far this season. She also admits that talking about their relationship is not something she and David are good at, and she isn’t sure that he’s her “forever person.”

Dolores says David is ‘misunderstood’

During her chat with Housewives Nightcap, Dolores said that David is misunderstood by a lot of people.

As the ladies discussed how much David, and Dolores’ ex-husband, Frank Catania love her, she said, “David’s misunderstood a lot in things, I think.”

Dolores said that she knows people well and that if she saw something about David that was problematic, she would have dealt with it. And the concerns that David doesn’t like to talk about their relationship doesn’t solely land on him either.

“He’s awkward to talk about relationships. I get it. Maybe I don’t want to either, ” she said.

According to Dolores, she also appreciates the freedom that her relationship with David provides her.

“I don’t want a guy who wants me to be with him on any given day,” she clarified. “I want a guy that’s there when I want him. I know where to find him.”

Dolores isn’t sure that David is her ‘forever person’

When Dolores was then asked what she would do if David were to decide that he was ready for more commitment in their relationship, she said that they would have to have a serious conversation to see if he was willing to compromise on the important stuff.

“I would give it a lot of really deep thought and there would be things about him that I would ask if he can compromise,” she shared. “More time? Cuz, if I’m going to now have that commitment, then there’s some things involved.”

The follow-up question for Dolores was if she considered David to be her “forever person.”

“I don’t know,” she answered honestly. “You know, I don’t know who is. I would never call — I have yet to call anyone my forever person. They may be in my life forever but I don’t know if they’ll be that, that person, the way they are in my life.”

Dolores elaborated that her ex-husband Frank is a forever person in her life. That although they’re no longer married, he will remain part of her life forever. And she said that there’s a chance David may be like that as well.

“David may someday be a forever person in my life, but not as the person he is now,” she said.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo

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